Strict Control of Service Tools in the Capital

tight control of service vehicles in the capital
tight control of service vehicles in the capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, especially in the capital of the school service tools for the inspection increased.

After the opening of the schools, increasing controls continue without any loss, while the control of the service vehicles is carried out with the cooperation of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department and the Municipal Police Department teams.


During the last three months of 117 uygun c-plate service vehicle in the 355 school throughout the capital, criminal proceedings were applied to service vehicles that were missing documents and were not compliant with the rules.

Municipal Police teams, the security and safety of the service vehicles in accordance with the necessary documents and other rules were checked one by one.


In the final inspections, 203's service vehicles were found to be in compliance with the rules, while the owner of the 77 service vehicle was warned to correct the deficiencies.

The 56 vehicle owner also fined 5 thousand 208 TL for the checks. For the 19 service vehicle, a Belediye condition-finding administrative sanction ”was issued and sent to the Municipal Council.

Stating that the audits are done routinely and in a complaint, the teams stated that complaints about school service vehicles can be made to the 153 Alo Blue Table line, and that they have examined the 168 statement transmitted to the Blue Table since the schools opened in September.


In the inspections carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality;

-The working documents of school service vehicles,

- License and license of drivers,

- passenger capacity of vehicles,

- Cleaning of the vehicle,

- ”School vehicle“ and “stop“ lamp,

- Whether the price tariff is suspended in a visible place,

-References of staff,

- The age of the vehicle,

-Cam and windows are fixed,

- Whether the safety belts are present and attached,

- Whether the physical conditions of the car seats are suitable for sitting,

-It is not intended to suspend inappropriate articles and photographs,

- Whether the vehicle plate is a fake or double plate,

- Fire extinguisher

many rules such as checking.

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