Kenan Günay, the Injury of the Train Wounded in Ankara, Discharged!

kanan gunay was injured in the train accident
kanan gunay was injured in the train accident

3 9 trainee 92 was killed by XNUMX who was killed by XNUMX who was killed by XNUMX and XNUMX was killed. TCDD Transportation Inc. personnel injured and injured in the accident was discharged.

Kenan Gunay, a member of the Unions of Unions Transporters, was discharged with BTS Ankara Branch President Ismail Ozdemir after hospital procedures. The South, who was discharged, went to the Ankara Security Directorate together with the President of the BTS Ankara Branch and gave his statement here. After the statement taken, the mechanic was taken to his home for rest South.

The accident occurred in 13 2018 06.30 time in Yenimahalle district. The high-speed train departing from the High-Speed ​​Train Station from Ankara to Konya, the 4 minute after arriving at Marşandiz Station, derailed the two wagons of the train, where the 206 passenger, who had collided with the guide train, was on the road. In the area of ​​the accident, the overpass was demolished on the wagons. The 2 wagon was overthrown in the high-speed train, the 3 in the accident was injured by 9 people who had lost their lives to the mechanic 92.

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