Death toll rises to 27 in train crash in Italy

Number of casualties increased to 27 in a train accident in Italy: The number of casualties worried about the crash caused by the collision of two trains
It is reported that the number of deaths in the train crash occurred in Puglia region in southeastern Italy rose to 27.
The number of deaths in the crash occurred between the two trains between the Andria and Corata settlements north of the city of Bari, the capital of the Puglia region.
According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the death toll reaches 27, while the hospitalized 15 wounded continues to be treated.
In the investigation carried out regarding the incident in the news, kazanIt was reported that the possibility that the fire could be caused by human error came to the fore. The bodies of those who lost their lives will be delivered today after being identified by their families.
KazanAlthough 24 hours have passed, the firefighters and medical teams continue to work on the wreckage of the trains. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi also visited the crash site yesterday afternoon and made investigations on the wreckage.
Meanwhile, the Italian press has devoted ample space to the train accident. La Repubblica, one of the country's high circulation newspapers, announced the accident to its readers with the headlines of "Massacre in one line", Corriere della Sera "Death in one line", La Stampa "Apocalypse on one line" and Il Giornale in "Death road".
On the other hand, kazanDetails about its occurrence began to emerge. According to the news reflected in the press, it was stated that in the incident that occurred on a single line, one of the two trains was supposed to be waiting at the station, but collided on the road, and at this point, it was a matter of curiosity why the communication between the trains and the stations was lacking. It was recorded that the two trains, which were moving unaware of each other, approached each other at 100 kilometers per hour and collided head-on.
In the news, the trains were made with the latest technology and 250 meter radius to stand against the characteristics of the bend in the immediate vicinity of the accident due to the mechanics, they did not see each other and therefore could not find the time to brake said.
The accident in Italy was described as the third biggest accident in the country after the railroad accidents, in which 1978 people died in Murazze de Vado in 42 and 2009 people died in 32 in Viareggio.

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