Mayor Sarıkurt: 'We will immortalize the Çorlu Train Crash on 8 July with a Monument'

President Sarikurt Corlu will negate the train accident
President Sarikurt Corlu will negate the train accident

Çorlu Mayor Ahmet Sarıkurt, who stated that they felt the pain of the Çorlu train accident a year ago, just like yesterday, said, “This pain in the hearts will never stop.” said.

Uzunköprü on July 8, 2018 - Halkalı 25 citizen lost his life and 317 citizen was injured as a result of the overthrow of the train departing from the rails in Çorlu Sarılar Neighborhood.

“The Fire in Our Hearts Will Never Extinguish”

Çorlu Mayor Ahmet Sarıkurt stated that 1 year has passed since Çorlu Train Accident, which is one of the biggest train accidents in the history of the Republic, and that the pain of 8 citizens who died in the accident on July 2018, 25 will never stop, and the fire in their hearts will never go out, “As a result of the train accident on July 8, The pain we experience will never stop. The fire that burns in our hearts will never cool down.

After the accident that day my hand survived unscathed from the accident, especially the citizens quickly reaching the scene of the surrounding neighborhoods admirable efforts of our citizens was admirable.

“Responsible Persons Should Be Punished to Not Repeat the Pain”

Bu kazanThe reasons for the accident were revealed more clearly at the point reached today and everything about the accident was brought to the courtrooms. Many of our citizens, especially the relatives of our citizens who lost their lives in the train accident for about a year, are seeking justice by starting a just legal struggle. Unfortunately, at the point reached today, neither justice nor a result on this path has been reached. It should never be forgotten that those responsible must be punished so that these accidents do not happen again.

Çorlu Train Accident, which is the main responsible of those who do not fulfill their duties in the homeland territory which is built with iron nets despite all negativity in the history of the Republic, has shown to us once again; The railways policy should be reviewed and merit should be taken as a basis.

“We Will Immortalize July 8 With Monument”

That's why this is all we ask of our state elders. kazanIt is to find those responsible and to take all necessary measures to prevent such accidents from happening again. We will continue to do our part so that these events and the chain of neglect are not forgotten and remain in our minds. In this context, we aim to immortalize the tragic train accident that took place on July 8, 2018, the 25 people who lost their lives, the 317 citizens who were injured, and all our citizens who tried to help the victims by putting their lives on the line, with the monument that we completed and plan to open next month.

“This Pain Will Never Listen”

25 lives…

The number of despair, the eternal and unspeakable pain that cannot fit into the ground or the sky.

And more…

Some body, some soul, some heart wounded!

We have not forgotten, we will not forget, we will not forget the laments that were burned after the disappeared, 8 July 2018. This pain will never stop.

I wish God's mercy to our precious citizens who lost their lives in my hand train accident on Sunday, July 8, 2018, and I wish condolence and patience to our esteemed families to whom I share the pain in their hearts, and urgent healing to our citizens who were injured in the accident and whose treatment continues. ” said.

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