1 Survivor of XNUMX Car Driver from IZDENIZ


The use of the IZDENİZ ferryboats increased 2010 times compared to 3, while the number of vehicles transported was exceeded for the first time in the year before the end of 2018. The deki 1 millionth İs vehicle of the year was made with a mini ceremony at the Üçkuyular Pier.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has increased its weight in both public transportation and vehicle transportation with 15 passenger ship which is suitable for modern, environmentalist and disability use. In 3, Hasan Tahsin and 2015, the Kubilay and Ahmet Piriştina car ferries were installed, and the 2016 fuel saving by 30. Thanks to its speed, the number of vehicles transported by new generation car ferries that shorten the journey times also increased by 3 over the last 2. In this increase, the comfort of the new ships, the convenience provided to the disabled and the elderly passengers, the presence of children's playground, bicycle and motorcycle parking places were also effective.

Lucky driver welcomed President
IZDENIZ, 2018 in the number of vehicles transported by car ferry to the 1 million reached a surprise ceremony at the Üçkuyular Pier. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu together with municipal bureaucrats, Ahmet Piristina to use the ferry boat "1 millionth" began to wait for the car driver. Şükran Kurtulmuş, who moved to Bostanlı with his mother and father, was fortunate of the day. Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu celebrated Şükran Kurtulmuş with a flower and plaque. Expressed that they were very surprised and happy, Kurtulmuş said that he used the ferry boat continuously and that sea transportation was convenient and comfortable in urban transportation.

Ankara message
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu stated that they have been working to improve the transportation of the Gulf since the day they took office. Koca In the process of 15 annual mayor, we decided to renew all ships in our sea transportation. First we started off the ferry. Not only in Turkey, Dalaman resounding string type in the world have created 15 ship fleet. 117 is worth a million euros. We bought 3 ferries with cars. Turkish shipyards built all of our ships. Now we get another 2 car ferry. They will be a little smaller and run at non-peak hours. We made the tender, we are trying to conclude, İh he said.

2010 300 thousand 890 1 last year, the number of vehicles using the car ferry last year, the XNUMX million threshold, which reminded the previous year, reminded Kocaoğlu, increasing the number of scaffolding to revitalize sea transportation, said the following:

. It is extremely important to use the sea intensively in a gulf city and increase the number of vehicles, vessels and piers. We have serious problems here. We need to make repairs on the piers. We need to wait for approval from Ankara. We will park our ships in stormy weather and have no place to spend the night. We want the fishing shelter next to Bostanlı Ferry Port. Hopefully, in the 3 months before we finish, we can get that permission and connect our ferries to a fearless, safe harbor, bunker at night. I want to send this request to the government officials on the day we reached the 1 millionth passenger on the ferry today. I had this issue in the files I forwarded to Ankara. The ministries are commuting. When a political decision is made from above, I think it can be solved easily with a directive. Yukarı

8 number of vehicles increased by 3 over the years
2010 in 301 bin, 2011 in 363 bin, 2012 in 420 bin, 2013 in 483 bin, 2014 in 476 bin, 2015 in 513 bin, 2016 in 763 bin, 2017 in 890, 2018 in 1 ferryboats carrying 2010 thousand vehicle, 3 in the car before the end of 2015 year XNUMX once reached million pieces. XNUMX increased by XNUMX compared to XNUMX, while Hasan Tahsin, Ahmet Piriştina and Kubilay ferryboats, which were put into service since XNUMX, played an important role in this increase.

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