Flash Development in High Speed ​​Train Accident in Ankara

rapid train accident
rapid train accident

The investigation into the train accident in Ankara, which took place on Friday, 13th aday, in which 3 people, 9 of which were engineers, died, was extended to include bureaucrats.

The Chief Public Prosecutor's Office of Ankara also included bureaucrats on the allegations of negligence. 3 bureaucrat, including Deputy Director of Garage, testified in his capacity as a suspect.

Operations officer Sinan Y., who was arrested after he was detained after the accident, said, “The high-speed train that needs to go from Line 1 has switched to line 2. The scissor did not inform me about the line change. After December 9, the train shipment was completely left to the switch shop ”.

Fevzi Cakir news from Haberturk, according to the investigation of the suspects 'duty negligence' is carried out for the crime. The fate of the suspects will be determined by the final expert report.

On the other hand, the Prosecutor's Office sent an important letter to TCDD General Directorate within the scope of the investigation. In this article, important questions about the operation of both the accident and the train line were learned. Some of these questions are as follows;

  • Under what legislation was the order (the order leaving the initiative to the scissor shop) for the acceptance and shipment of YHTs, which started to be implemented on December 09, 2018?
  • Was there a signaling system where the accident occurred? How was communication with trains provided?

-Which line did the machinists need to use? Did he have any information on this? Did they have to be notified?

- How many scissors (train train officer) were on duty?

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