Mediator Meetings Did Not Result In İZBAN… Strike Is At The Door

mediator talks at the strike did not result
mediator talks at the strike did not result

Izmir's urban rail transport vehicle İZBAN employees underwent six hikes. There was no compromise, the way of strike appeared.

In the last collective bargaining agreement between Demiryol İş and İZBAN, once again the rate of inflation was increased, no agreement was reached. In the coming days, the strike process will be initiated while the mediator process ends.

Collective bargaining negotiations between TCDD, which is one of the main lines of urban transportation in İzmir, and İZBAN AŞ, a joint company of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, and the Turkish-Labor-related Railroad-Labor Union, were also fruitless. Parties could not agree once again in the session held yesterday.

In TIS negotiations, which are closely related to 342 workers in total, including machinists, technicians, technicians, station operators, and box office workers, no consensus has been reached in 63 articles of the 24-item draft. In response to Demiryol İş Union's 27 percent hike demand, İZBAN bureaucrats recommended 12-16 under inflation for the first year and the inflation rate for the second year.


While the union demanded 112 daily bonuses, İZBAN bureaucrats proposed 85 day bonuses for the second year of 90 for the first year of the 95 daily jackpot. 34 proposal came for social rights. The union also demanded driving and shift compensation, but this demand was not accepted. After receiving the union dispute, 6 will start the strike daily in 60 by deciding to strike within days.


In a statement to Evrensel, İzmir Branch President Hüseyin Ervüz asked that they not be expected to sign these rates. “Since we got the last hike, we've had about 9 wage losses from inflation. This offer means we are defeated by inflation. With this raise, the lowest worker salary will be around 2, including bonuses. There is no possibility of ending at the table without receiving our requests for any raise, bonus and compensation. We are not in trouble of having any problems in İzmir, but we are not in a position to escape any struggle to grow our bread. It seems that a troubled process is ahead of us. We have a demand close to the conditions in other municipalities and public institutions. ”


İZBAN employees produce services on the suburban line between Aliağa and Selçuk, the country's airport-connected, largest urban rail transit system. With the opening of the Torbalı-Selçuk line, reaching 40 stations and 136 kilometers, İZBAN transports around 500 thousand people a day. In the previous TİS negotiations, no agreement was reached on the 11 percent hike offer and the union went on strike on 8 November 2016. As a result of the 8-day strike, workers' demands were gradually accepted.

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