Apaydın made a statement in Afyon with the railway and their families

Apaydın has made a visit to Afyon with his family and their families: Apaydın, who went to Afyon with TCDD Assistant General Manager, Special Clerk Manager and Head of Departments, attended the organized iftar program.

TCDD 7. Apaydın, who came to the podium after the salutation speech of Regional Director Adem Sivri, said that they were very happy to do iftar with the employees in the Regional Directorates.

Reminding that the railways are one of the oldest institutions of our country from the Ottoman period to the present, Apaydın noted that the railways were neglected after the first years of the Republic, especially after the 160.


2003 60 billion dollars has been invested in the railways since the year 1.123 has been accepted as a state policy and they have implemented important projects in this process, explaining that the high-speed train projects among them, Ankara, Istanbul and Konya between the 2 km.lik even YHT management said they do. Apaydın pointed out that the works of YHT which will decrease the 3.5 hours between Ankara and Sivas and XNUMX hours between the two cities will be lowered. Çalış We are also building high-speed trains and new conventional lines with YHT lines. We make conventional lines electrified and signaled. We do this with you, with your efforts. In this sense, I would like to thank you and your families for the same sacrifice together with you. Bu

Apaydın also touched upon the liberalization process of the railway sector and underlined that they have been carrying out this process in which there are big changes without any problems in the spirit of solidarity and mutual understanding.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın and those who were with him, after the iftar, had mutual consultations with the staff.

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