Samsun's Most Used Transportation Vehicle: Tram

Tram travel in Samsun, one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea, is one of the most preferred means of transportation. You can start comfortable transportation by tram without spending much money in the city. Of course, there are different factors in preferring the tram journey. One of the most important factors is that it offers a quiet journey between the sea and the green. Samsun Canlı Haber TV and Samsun Newspaper compiled for you who are curious about the tram ride.

One of the transportation vehicles preferred by the citizens for a journey that will take minutes in Samsun, the tram is indispensable for the people of Samsun. What kind of issues should be taken into consideration in the journey that continues with the unique sea view of the Black Sea and the aesthetic view of the city, and which roads should be followed to make the tram ride? Here are the answers to these questions and the curious ones for you…

Ticket fees remain constant until the raise according to the determined fare schedule. You can start transportation by filling the tickets at the markets and kiosks and tram stations in certain points of the city. Now the boarding fee is 4 TL on the first purchase. You can decrease the price from 4 TL by reading the card to the reimbursement devices located at the stops you land at. In other words, you pay 1 TL between 10-1.88 stops, 1 TL between 21-2.20 stops, 1 TL between 28-3.10 stops and total 1 TL between 36-4.00 stops. However, discounts are available for teachers and students over 65 years of age, while ticket prices are free.

The tram journey in Samsun starts at the University Station and goes to Tekkeköy District. There are a total of 35 active stops on the light rail system. Interim stops are; Körfez, Pelitköy, Kurupelit, Yenimahalle, Atakent, Çobanlı, Ömürevleri, Türk-İş, Mimar Sinan, Atakum Municipality, Sea Houses, Highways, Fine Arts, Gunpowder, Fener, Youth Park, Harbor, Grand Mosque, Cumhuriyet Square, Train Station, Kılıçdede, Samsunspor, Municipalities, Blue Lights, Fishing Shelter, Asarağaç, Kirazlık, Sample Industry, İlkadım Sanayi, 19 Mayıs Industry, Cumhuriyet, Tekkeköy and Stadium

The tram starts moving from University Station every day at 06.15. And 8 trams can be made mutually. On the light rail system, the journey takes 31 minutes on a total of 60 km. The last trips from the University and Tekkeköy Stations are at 23:45 and official holidays, exams, etc. Departure times and voyage frequencies may vary in days.

While traveling in Samsun, you can travel with pets. But there are some conditions. Pet's cage or box etc. It is about continuing the journey by providing transportation with things. Apart from this rule, it is forbidden for the pet to travel freely at the tram stations. The thoughts of the people of Samsun about the tram ride;

Filiz KOÇER: I travel by tram a few days a week. I like the tram ride in Samsun. We even prefer the tram ride because the family is safe. Transportation is comfortable and prices are quite cheap. You can also watch the city in the tram. When you stop at the stations or on the move, the journey does not shake you, it does not become stuffy like a bus. I will always use the tram as these problems are not in the tram. ”

YİĞİT YAZICI: Tram is a good transportation tool for Samsun. When we traveled with city buses and minibuses a few years ago, we had some difficulties. Traffic is very busy as well. Now we are looking forward to the new stations that will be opened into the university. I am born in Samsun and I am happy to have such beauties added to our city. I even preferred to be a student in Samsun because of these beauties. I would definitely recommend the guests who come from abroad or the people who are thinking of moving here to live in Samsun and travel in the tram.

Muhammet KOÇ: I have been living in Samsun for 4 years. I have been to Ankara and some other provinces before. I always prefer the tram ride in this city. Such a means of transportation suits Samsun very well. A tool that can be used for people who are both safe and fond of pleasure. Therefore, I use it constantly and give various suggestions to those around me to use the tram.

Mehmet AYDIN: I usually prefer the tram when traveling in the city. No tram ride for both winter and summer. You're not sweating in the summer and not in the summer. I'm not using any other car. Both safe and comfortable for what you get. In addition, our young people are more respectful of people in the tram does not survive. Our youth gives them a place. These are beautiful things. I wish I'd always.

Şadi KISA: I came to Samsun to study from abroad. I am doing a PhD in Biochemistry here. I love Samsun. I live in a foreign student residence in Turkey. I use the tram every day when I go to school. Because both comfortable and beautiful, and the prices are cheap for students. I spend my journey in the tram by reading newspapers, books and magazines. Sometimes it gets crowded at busy times of the day. Then we have to handle it a little. I even tell other friends who stay in the dorm to prefer the tram.

İbrahim ULUSOY: I love the tram ride. Because everything from other means of transportation is thought of for different passengers. There are many possibilities. It is possible to see the old and the Samsun with the young. I just want to warn our youth. Don't get stuck in technology. Because sometimes they get stuck. They can't see our elderly or women. I think we should be a little more careful about this.

Sedanur DEMİREL: I continue my life as a student in Bafra District. I am originally from Trabzon and I came to Samsun to study. I like to travel by tram as I like the city. I prefer the tram to come to Bafra from Samsun. You don't have to worry about waiting for buses or minibuses. You don't lose time. Therefore, it is nice and cheap to travel by tram in terms of students.

Source: Dilber BAHADIR-Emre ÖNCEL - I

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