Will the Mega Projects Contracts Return to TL?

📩 24/12/2018 17:13

13 With the Official Gazette dated September 2018 published by the Presidency decision released this morning, the lease agreement was formally banned. Will this decision also cover contracts for mega projects?

She awoke to a beautiful day and the news was a long time Turkey has been removed by presidential decree formally described debated foreign currency to lease application.

This decision has created a great joy, and the decision taken by the citizens was the subject of this contract. In particular, mega-projects paid in dollars per pass were the subject of curiosity.

Eurasian Tunnel Passage 4 Dollars!
For example, people who use the Eurasia Tunnel for transportation pay $ 4 + VAT ticket fee as a toll. In other words, people passing through the tunnel now face a fee of 23,50 lira.

Again as the toll of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the citizen's pocket, except for the toll of the 3 USD + VAT money is released. A toll is added to this money. In other words, in all of the mega projects made, the dollar is applied as in these examples.

It was also a matter of curiosity whether or not to ban foreign exchange for Mega projects and whether these contracts would return to Turkish Lira.

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