34 Istanbul

Transportation Authority İETT

Republican writer Çiğdem Toker criticized the tenders made over 3 airport in his article titled ulaşım Transportation Transportation Tender bugün published today and stated that İETT has turned into a tender authority. Çiğdem Toker's article is as follows: Countdown to the opening [more…]

16 Bursa

BUDO Pier Is Changing in Mudanya

Undoubtedly Mud Among the chronic problems of recent years, Mudanya's traffic ranks first. Of course there are many reasons for this. For example… 8-10 Mudanya, a calm coastal settlement until the year before [more…]

16 Bursa

Midibus Life in Bursa

Despite all the rail system investments in Bursa for many years, the dependence on public transport with rubber wheels does not seem to end. Years after the opening of the bus in the west of the city turned into a bus minibuses opened the case [more…]


MESİAD, Projects to Give Life to Mersin

MESIAD, which has been making intensive efforts for projects that will give economic life to Mersin and the region for over a quarter century, has examined the investments in Mersin and received information from authorized mouths. Life for Mersin and Çukurova [more…]

34 Istanbul

Nü Tablo in Istanbul Metro

Istanbul Metro security and police did not allow Ozgurcan Tasci, one of the exhibition artists of Istanbul Istanbear Festival, to carry his work. Security officer who said ”inappropriate content lad forced Taşçı to close his work with newspaper paper. LGBTI + activist and artist [more…]

35 Izmir

Traffic Lights in Izmir turned into grind

Konak Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir due to rearrangement of traffic in the Metropolitan Municipality, the traffic lights did not reduce the intensity became inextricable. Drivers gereksiz One reason for the jam is unnecessary light. Stop-and-go, miles [more…]