Big Difference in Kahramanmaras Traffic

Thanks to the intersections Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality put into service, it was observed that the density experienced in traffic decreased. When Abdulhamithan Junction by the Metropolitan Municipality was compared with the new version, the traffic density decreased considerably. [more…]


Transportation of Kırkağaç Under Control

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, Kırkağaç'ta public transport services from A to Z audited vehicles. The aim of the teams, which conducts audits in many areas from climate control to ramps for the disabled, is to ensure that citizens are comfortable and safe [more…]


Small Ali Osman Akçaray Happiness

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. General Manager M. Yasin Özlü, Akçaray'a interest and love of the news subject to the small Ali Osman and Dizdar family hosted the headquarters building. General manager [more…]


In Samsun, lost items are waiting for their owners

If you think you have forgotten or lost your belongings on the tram, it is not difficult to reach your belongings. Lost and forgotten items on the tram in Samsun are waiting for their owners. Identity, wallet, electronic goods and similar items are kept within the body of the owners of SAMULAŞ. [more…]

33 France

World's First Hydrogen Powered Train Launched

The hydrogen fuel cell train developed by the French company Alstom was put into service in Germany. The train, which is considered to be one of the future public transportation vehicles starting its journey in Europe, will be mass-produced in the medium term. [more…]