Strict Inspection of School Buses and Public Transport in Van

Van Metropolitan Municipality conducted inspections on school buses and vehicles providing public transportation services. In the inspections carried out by the teams of the Directorate of Land Transportation of the Department of Transportation, controls such as vehicle safety equipment, school vehicle sign, seat belts and window locks, as well as vehicle conformity certificates and route permits of school buses were made. Deputy Secretary General Fazıl Tamer [more…]

07 Antalya

Easy Access to the Hobby Gardens in Bahceli

50 thousand citizens benefited from the transportation services that Antalya Metropolitan Municipality started in May to provide uninterrupted public transportation from the city center to the Hobby Gardens in Bahti. The number of lines was increased from two to three upon popular demand. The Hobby Garden, which was realized by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality for those who want to get away from the tiring pace of city life and take a pleasant break, was launched for easy access of citizens. [more…]


Konya-Karaman Pedestrian and Highway Overpass Regulations

Pedestrian and Highway Overpass Arrangements in Various Kilometers Between Konya-Karaman As A Result of Tender Result of Tender Turkish State Railways Administration TCDD 6th Region Purchasing and Stock Control Service Directorate's limit value 2018/416183 KIK numbered 6.253.838,23 TL and approximate cost 9.014.699,04 14 companies submitted bids for the Pedestrian and Highway Overpass Arrangements Work in Various Kilometers Between Konya-Karaman, which is TL TL [more…]

49 Germany

Intense Interest in TCDD Stand at InnoTrans

TCDD booth opened at the InnoTrans Fair in Berlin İsa Apaydın continues its acceptance and meetings. General Manager Apaydın accepts the top managers of the leading companies of the railway sector in the domestic and foreign world, especially the president and managers of the International Union of Railways (UIC), at the TCDD stand. Apaydın, for cooperation on the railway [more…]


TOKI Requests for Row Houses Residents

The residents of Şeker Mahallesi TOKİ Sıraevler demanded that a connection line be drawn to the region from the Opera-Bus Station tram line built by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality. Neighborhood residents called out to municipal officials and organized a signature campaign. Mehmet Akkoç, Chairman of TOKİ Sıraevler Board of Directors, said, “We live here with 2 thousand 700 people. All we want is the tram line, it's not kilometers, it's only 200 meters. here is our school [more…]

34 Istanbul

IETT Will Be 22 Percent Discount On September 50

As part of the European Mobility Week, vehicles that provide public transportation services on Saturday, September 22, will serve at a 50 percent discount. According to the information received from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of the "European Mobility Week", which is celebrated every year between 16 and 22 September, activities are organized to improve the city's sustainable transportation system and increase urban mobility. According to the decision taken, 22 [more…]

Intercity Railways

Aksaray's Railway Problem Moved to Parliament Agenda

CHP Manisa Deputy Ahmet Vehbi BAKIRLIOĞLU, who came to Aksaray last week to explain the CHP's economic solution proposals, brought the Aksaray-Ulukışla railway line, which was mentioned in the non-governmental organizations he visited and whose construction has not started, to the Parliament's agenda. Ahmet Vehbi BAKIRLIOĞLU presented a parliamentary question to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure and asked when the construction of the railway would start. CHP Provincial and District Presidents, [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara-Niğde Highway will be opened at 2020

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan stated that the construction period of the Ankara-Niğde Motorway Project, which consists of a total of 330 kilometers, is expected to be completed in 2022, but the contractor company aims to put the project into service in 2020 by taking the necessary measures and increasing its capacity. Turhan, in his statement after his examinations in the construction of Ankara-Niğde Highway, said that they supervised the works carried out at the construction site of the Ankara-Niğde section of the Ankara-Pozantı Highway [more…]


School Services Supervised in Köprübaşı

Teams affiliated to the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, together with the traffic police, inspected the shuttles that transport students in Köprübaşı. In order to ensure the safe commute of students to and from school, the teams inspecting the school busses applied penalties to vehicles that did not comply with the standards. Teams affiliated to Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department will be at various points throughout the province upon the start of the 2018-2019 academic year. [more…]


President Şahin: lı We invested in 120 Millions in Rail System Başkan

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Şahin made statements about the latest status of the works between Kurupelit Last Stop-University Life Center, which is the 3rd stage of the Light Rail system. President Zihni Şahin stated that he followed the works closely and made examinations and said that the service provided was an important investment of 120 million liras. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Şahin has the following to say about the works: [more…]

35 Izmir

Uninterrupted Transportation on Ordu Boulevard Karşıyaka Relieve Traffic

Although it appears as a "road" in the zoning plan, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality includes the land that was closed with a wall and interrupted the vehicle traffic on Ordu Boulevard as a transportation axis. The new 125-meter connection will ease the traffic in the direction of Girne and Bostanlı. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka In Şemikler, she started an important work to ease the traffic flow in the area where Ahmet Piriştina Cultural Center is located. As a continuation of Ordu Boulevard [more…]

49 Germany

Turkey's ambassador to Berlin, Aydin, visited the stand of TCDD

The TCDD stand, which was opened within the scope of the Innotrans 2018 fair held in Berlin, Germany, welcomes its important guests while being flooded with visitors. Turkish Ambassador to Berlin Ali Kemal Aydın visited the TCDD stand together with the Consul General and Commercial Counselor. TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın Ambassador Aydın met with General Manager Apaydın for a while. Ambassador Aydın at the Innotrans Fair [more…]

darusselam morogoro railway project in the first rail
255 Tanzania

Darüsselam-Morogoro Railway Project was realized in the first rail run

Another great success was achieved in the Dar es Salaam – Morogoro Railway Construction project, the construction of which was undertaken by Yapı Merkezi. First Rail Laying Ceremony held with the arrival of the first rails, Tanzanian Minister of Transport Mr. Isack Kamwelwe, Tanzania Minister of Transport Adviser Atashasta Nditie, Government SözcüsüHassan Abbas, TRC General Manager Masanja Kadogosa, TRC Project Manager Maizo Mgedzi and Yapı Merkezi Proje [more…]

49 Germany

National Hybrid Locomotive Showcased in Germany

This year, the Innotrans 2018 Fair, held in Berlin, Germany, is the first of its kind. Under the leadership of TCDD, the first hybrid locomotive produced at our subsidiary TÜLOMSAŞ was exhibited at the Innotrans Fair. TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınVisiting the hybrid locomotive in the exhibition area together with our Subsidiaries TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager and Assistant General Managers, and ASELSAN Deputy General Manager, we showed the locomotive to the railway sector and our country. [more…]