34 Istanbul

IMM to School Supervision

Traffic Police teams affiliated with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality closely monitored school buses. In the inspections initiated throughout the province for the peace and security of students, 846 service stations were detected. [more…]


Bicycle Ride Period Starts at SAMULAŞ

Samsun Light Rail System (SAMULAŞ), which is affiliated with Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, published a message about passengers who want to ride the tram with their bicycles. In the statement made by SAMULAŞ; “We serve our passengers with their bicycles. [more…]


Over Noise in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, in order to protect the health of the inhabitants of the city, to improve the quality of life of the city, one of the most important problems of Mersin is the implementation of the Action Plan for noise pollution. [more…]

16 Bursa

2 Monthly Duration to T3 Tram Line

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that they have determined a final period of 2 months for the T3 tram line, whose construction works are still at a standstill, and said, “If you ask me, it will not be enough. [more…]