Kocaoglu Investigated Metro Works in Narlidere

Turkey's most powerful rail system with a network of city Izmir, is about to become a new subway line. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu visited the construction site of the F. Altay-Narlıdere subway, which was awarded to 1 billion 27 million TL, and examined the tunnel work. 30 meters below the earth in the Mayor Kocaoglu, "currently available resources in Turkey are carrying out one of the rare works. We will take the number of employees to 6 and continue with two giant diggers in two directions. Çalışan

Izmir's 180 km rail system network continues to grow. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 14 is adding a new ring to rail system investments that have been continuing for years. The construction work of the F. Altay-Narlıdere line, whose foundation was laid in June and the tender price was 1 billion 27 million, started to gain momentum after the completion of the preparation phase. President Aziz Kocaoglu, who went to the subway construction site to see the works on the 7.2 kilometer line, examined the ongoing tunnel works.

30 meters down deep
Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that they were pleased that the works progressed at a fast pace and said ini After completing the construction of the Üçyol-Üçkuyular subway, we completed the project and ground surveys to extend the line to Narlıdere and made the tender for the construction. We also completed credit facilities. Construction site was established, the tunnel was excavated. Ş At the construction site he visited for the first time, Mr. Kocaoğlu received information from the project team at a depth of 30 meters. “Tunnel construction progresses by solving the problems that arise due to the fact that there is a lot of uncertainty. Currently we are carrying out one of the largest construction ready to supply rare in Turkey. If there is a mishap, 3,5 will start to carry passengers from Üçkuyular to Narlıdere during the year UM.

6 team will run multiple
Turkey recently on the subway experienced teams in the market due to the slowdown in construction President Aziz Kocaoglu, indicating that he was working on this project, he continued said: "We seize this opportunity we get to 6 separate team in the coming days. That means we're going to accelerate our business. We will continue our activities in two directions with two giant excavators called TBM. This will contribute to accelerating the business and ending in a shorter time. With the latest technology, we are trying to make our metron with the guidance of mind and science. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has gained much experience in the construction of the subway. We will collect this as a result of our future projects. Un

Kaz Underground monster “will dig 20 meters per day
In the 7,2 kilometer metro route, which will be passed through the ve deep tunnel sorun by using TBM (tunneling machine), this will reduce traffic, social life and infrastructure problems to a minimum. In the sector, with the machines described as yap underground monster mak, an excavation of 20 meters in Narlıdere Tunnel will be carried out. At the end of the 42 month planned construction process, Narlıdere metro line, Balçova, Çağdaş, Dokuz Eylül University Hospital, Faculty of Fine Arts (GSF), Narlıdere, Siteler and Kaymakamlık including 7 stations.

Within the scope of ongoing studies, tunneling manufacturing was started by using shaft in Balçova region. With the NATM (New Austrian Method), the area to the first station, Balçova Station, will be connected to the existing line. At the junction for the TBM, which is located at the junction of Balçova Ata Caddesi, the productions are continuing at full speed. Towards the end of the year, the TBM is expected to be lowered from the shaft and started excavation. In the Contemporary Station, the connection between the NATM method and the shaft production for the platform tunnels continues at full speed. Construction works started at the Contemporary Station, Fine Arts Station, Narlidere Station, Siteler Station and shaft areas. In the next days, the production of shaft tunnels and shaft manufacturing will be continued in the next days with the 6 separate team.


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