Work at Narlıdere Köprülü Junction

The works of the Narlıdere Viaduct and Köprülü Intersection, which is designed by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide uninterrupted transportation between the two sides of Karaköprü, separated by the Diyarbakır road, are progressing at full speed. More transportation in Şanlıurfa [more…]


Shade Interchange Renewed

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality revoked the revolving island due to the increase in vehicle density at the shade intersection, within the scope of the 4 arm signaled intersection project, the shade intersection was revised and opened to traffic in its new form. Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


New Ring Road to Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan September Assembly Meeting was held. Assembly members have decided on the agenda item 79. Zoning plans prepared for the Serdivan Ring Road project, which will form an alternative route to the North-South transportation of the city [more…]


Sunflower Bike Valley Preparing to Championship

Mayor Toçoğlu, who reviewed the ongoing work in the Sunflower Bicycle Valley, said, “We will train our project for the championship to be held at the end of September. Our preparations are continuing at full speed. We will host a championship in the countryside. Hopefully Sakarya, [more…]

34 Istanbul

The name of Istanbul New Airport

CHP Mersin Deputy Alpay Antmen, 3'inci Airport in Istanbul 'Ataturk' on the allegations that the name of the Vice President Fuat Oktay'a gave a motion to question. Antmen, in his motion, “'Airport will be called Abdulhamit Khan' claims are correct [more…]


The army should accelerate

Ordu-Giresun International (OGU) Airport, which solved a major problem in transportation with the Ordu, is asked to skip the era of high-speed train. 'Army 1. Lack of speed train lines in the field of transportation at the Development Workshop [more…]