34 Istanbul

3. Airport Public Transportation Auction Canceled

It has been learned that the 'Luxury Transport with Luggage' tender, which was opened to make public transportation to the Istanbul 3rd Airport, whose opening is few days away, has been cancelled. Transportation to Istanbul New Airport, the first phase of which is planned to be opened on October 29, is solid. [more…]

16 Bursa

UITP 8. Conference will be Held in Bursa, Turkey

UITP Turkey Conference will be held in Bursa on October 2, hosted by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and BURULAŞ, with the theme of “Information Technologies and Digitalization in Public Transport”. To the UITP Turkey Conference, which will be held for the 8th time this year; Turkey's [more…]


Surveying Works on Tuzla-Çayırova Connection Road

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is implementing various projects for comfortable and uninterrupted transportation in the city. Regions are determined by the Transportation Department and work is carried out to facilitate traffic flow in these areas. In this context, with Çayırova [more…]

07 Antalya

Antalya 3. Stage Rail System Works Full Gas

The works of the 25-kilometer 3rd Stage Rail System line between Varsak and Zerdalilik, which is Antalya's biggest project with public resources, continues at full speed. In the project, where excavation works are completed, rainwater culverts are produced. [more…]

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33 France

France Gives History for Autonomous Trains

France's state-owned railway agency SNCF has announced that prototypes of autonomous trains will be produced in up to five years. According to the statement made by the French National Railways Company SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français), [more…]

16 Bursa

Most Significant Thanks to Burulaş

Canan AYKANAT, who is a dystonia patient residing in Bursa and also the chairman of the board of the disabled women association (ENKADER), said that he worked in a private hospital and used Bursaray for transportation every morning and evening. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Samsun-Sivas Railway Ends Ending

The work on the Samsun-Sivas (Kalın) Railway line in Samsun, which was closed to traffic and taken into maintenance about 3 years ago, has come to an end. The teams started test drives on the line they placed. The line is scheduled to open in a few months. Samsun- [more…]

34 Istanbul

IETT, 17 to Winter Tariff on Monday Monday

IETT, with the opening of schools 17 September Monday starting from the winter tariff. During the summer period, periodically maintained buses will continue their flights according to the winter schedule. IETT at the beginning of the new academic year [more…]


Commercial Taxis in Soma have been audited

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality carried out audits for commercial taxis in Soma. Taximeter control, vehicle cleaning teams in many areas that do not comply with the rules that control the commercial vehicle owners applied criminal penalties. Passengers across the province [more…]

34 Istanbul

IETT to host Teknofest Free

Turkey's important role in achieving the national target technology teknofest introductory meeting was held. Chairman Uysal attended the meeting and said, “TEKNOFEST will be the meeting point of technology producers and investors. A great economy with this festival [more…]