Work Continues at Çukurova Regional Airport

Tarsus, the AK Party President Ibrahim Gul, Turkey's first regional being held in Tarsus, in terms of the size of the second airport will have the title of Çukurova Regional Airport construction work on the site was examined.

Ibrahim Gul, the President of the District, stated that the news about the construction works of some of the circles at the airport did not reflect the truth and he met with the staff of the contractor firm about the airport construction works he went with the journalists and some members of the board.

The contractor firm, Bayburt construction authorities, stated that Çukurova Airport will have two runways with 60 and 45 meters each, and 3 500 meters will be two runways and the construction works of these runways are at the same tempo. Inşaat The works for the construction of Çukurova airport are continuing. Within the scope of the project, passengers will be provided easy access to the airport by road and rail connections. There will be a direct connection from the airport to the D-400 highway between Adana and Mersin and in this context, the construction of 40 kilometers of 16 meters is continuing. On the other hand, the railway line that will come with the road is also within the scope of the project. The passengers coming from Mersin and Adana will be able to reach the airport with ease Mersin.

Company officials stated that they would make 8 overpasses for village roads and that the infrastructure works at Çukurova Airport, which is under construction of lower and superstructure facilities, reached a level of 40.

If the AK Party Tarsus President Ibrahim Gul, in recent days, especially if you are removed deliberately news concerning that stopped the construction work on the Çukurova Regional Airport with economic attacks against Turkey and said, he said construction work ongoing at the airport they were studying together with journalists.

Come together with company officials and sohbet Emphasizing that they had done and received information about the works, İbrahim Gül and his associates later examined the construction of Çukurova Airport Infrastructure Facilities and the Construction of Çukurova Airport Superstructure Facilities.

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