Interesting Claim About the Name of the 3rd Airport by CHP's Pekşen

CHP PM member Haluk Pekşen made an interesting claim about the name of the Third Airport. Pekşen asked, "What does this mean? LTFM", claiming that the airport will be named LTMF and then LTFM. The experts responded to Pekşen with an aviation language.

CHP's Haluk Pekşen claimed that the name of the Istanbul Third Airport was determined and used by THY in international codes this morning in his statement from his twitter account. Pekşen said in his message:

ISTANBUL 3. Who put the name of the airport? Istanbul 3.Havalimanın shortened name: LTMF. So the name was originally put two months ago. THY has announced this name to the whole world in the quad code system. What does LTMF mean? Who is responsible for this scandal?


Some followers responded to Pekşen's message and wrote that these codes are used differently for each airport in the aviation industry. According to this, the code of Istanbul Atatürk Airport is LTBA and that of Sabiha Gökçen is LTFJ. Here Turkey's position on the letter L, the letter T Turkey, the last two letters represents the code of the airport and east-west position.


Pekşen, who shared two new messages on the reactions following this message, said, “Who named the Istanbul 3rd Airport? What does this mean: LTFM….? Those who knew the aviation issue understood it, and the intellectual, who had an idea without knowledge, also understands a few months later. ”



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