Mersin Chamber and Exchange Presidents Discuss Urban Problems

Mersin Maritime Chamber of Commerce (MDTO) hosted lobbying activities, Tasucu SEKA Port, Mersin Logistics Center and tourism investments were exchanged views.

TOBB 14 made on 15-74 May. Following the press conference held with the participation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and other representatives of the Chambers / Commodity Exchanges, which undertook important duties in the General Assembly and held in Mersin, a Chamber / Exchange Joint Consultation Meeting was held on the current investments in Mersin and the steps to be taken in order to ensure regional development. .

On the 21 June 2018, which was hosted by Mersin Chamber of Shipping (MDTO) and planned to be regulated in the next period, the meeting was mainly focused on lobbying activities, Tasucu SEKA Port, Mersin Logistics Center and tourism investments. The importance of lobby activities in the meeting, in Mersin, non-governmental organizations, politicians and institutions in the sense of lobbying work in a scattered display was noted. Rooms and exchanges; The real agenda of Mersin and the future projects of the city will be able to identify the needs of the base and the city can determine the correct and the most accurate way to transfer these needs to the decision-makers, so they need to come together to create a strong lobby. After the June elections, 24 decided to hold a meeting with all the deputies elected from Mersin. The needs of the provinces in the hinterlant service provided by Mersin, in order to increase trade with neighboring provinces and countries, in order to increase the importance of the regional plan to draw attention to the need to work with the neighboring provinces' chambers and exchanges were expressed.


During the meeting, developments related to Tasucu-TDI (SEKA) Port were also discussed. In Taşucu Port, which is within the scope of privatization, Taş Industrial Sale Area Immovable Property dev and işletme Taşucu Port and Logistics Facility Area Immovable Properties anı can not be given separately by the method of ve transfer of operating rights for a certain period'n. it was emphasized that the rooms and exchanges could not participate in the aforementioned tender. Representatives participating in the meeting agreed to carefully monitor the tender results to be held at 1 August 2018.


In the meeting where the problems in Mersin Port were put on the agenda, it was stated that the main problem in the port was due to the fact that the loading and unloading of the container was carried out at the port area. The problem will be solved with the logistics center to be established, except for the operations of the removal and evacuation of logistics centers in the event that the existing port could be said to relax. 2007, which started in 11 but has not been able to last year, has to be reinstated and a strong technical team to be created has to be updated and the project should be updated and submitted to the Ministry as a new proposal. It was emphasized that the construction of Mersin Main Container Port should start as soon as possible.


In the meeting where tourism problems of the city were discussed, in addition to the Kazanlı Tourism Zone project in Tarsus, the development of faith tourism should be improved, due to transportation problems of Silifke, Mut, Aydıncık and Bozyazı region; Erdemli and the surrounding area is underdeveloped due to lack of discipline, environment, infrastructure and accommodation facilities. In the meeting, which pointed out that the new trend in tourism in the world is a boutique hotels, it was discussed that it would be beneficial for a small number of investors to make relatively small investments instead of making large investments in the region. The meeting ended after other issues on the agenda were discussed. At the meeting, it was decided to hold consultation meetings in 3 once a month and to organize the next meeting in Mut by Mut TSO.

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