President Yılmazer made comments about Sapanca Ropeway Project

Sapanca Mayor Aydın Yılmazer announced that they would build a cable car in Kırkpınar. The cable car project has been violated. tender kazanWhen the company came to Kırkpınar for drilling, it faced the reaction of the citizens.

Some said that the Kırkpınarlılar ropeway project would destroy the pastures. Yılmazer said that they planned all the details in order to prevent the cable car stations from having negative environmental problems.

Sapanca Kırkpınar Hasanpaşa and Mahmudiye neighborhoods planned to be built between the cable car project caused the reaction of some citizens. Some of the citizens claimed that the ropeway would destroy the pastures.

Sapanca Mayor Aydin Yilmazer, Kırkpınar'da announced that they will do cable car.

The tender for the project was made and Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. and cable car Holding A.Ş. business partnership kazanhad been.

Company officials came to Kırkpınar to start drilling operation yesterday. However, the authorities faced an unexpected reaction. Some Sapanca citizens made the action by saying that the ropeway project would destroy the pasture areas.


Starting from the first day of the project, the starting point of the project should be changed in the pasture, indicating that the citizens came to the region.

Resistance to start the work of citizens, the region is donated to be used as a pasture, said they would not allow the establishment of the station foot. The tension on the region of Sapanca Municipality officials, the police and the police came. Citizens demanded that the work be stopped.


Following these developments, the Mayor of Sapanca Aydın Yılmazer made statements. Yılmazer states that all the details are planned in order to prevent the cable car stations from being negative. 'There is no material to affect human health in the whole project.

Since the engines are electric, it will not create a negative effect on the environment. tender kazanIn the contract we have made with the company, we have included clauses especially within the framework of respect for the environment.

In other words, all the details I have mentioned are also included in the contract. As the local government, we have planned the cable car project, which will be the first in our city, to Sapanca. kazan"We are happy to climb," he said.


Underlining that the green areas in the areas where the ropeway project will be built will be protected.

“Our car park on the side of the cable car station is underground. Above this area, we also have green areas, playgrounds and sports area. In other words, we take great care not to spoil the current tissue. Our other 2 car parks are located on the opposite side of the road.

Pedestrian traffic from these parking lots will be provided by the overpass to be built. Only 670 square meters of area will be used for the station and it will be built mainly of wood to be compatible with the environment. We will make a great contribution to Sapanca tourism. Kazan"The moment will be in Sapanca," he said.

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