Ankara-Niğde Highway will be opened at 2020

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan stated that the construction period of the Ankara-Niğde Highway Project, which is a total of 330 kilometers, will be completed in 2022 but that the contractor firm has taken the necessary measures and increased its capacity to commission the project in 2020.

Turhan said in a statement after his investigations in the construction of Ankara-Niğde Highway, that they were inspecting the works carried out on the construction site of Ankara-Niğde section of Ankara-Pozantı Highway on site.

Ankara-Pozantı Motorway, the most important part of one is Ankara-Nigde sections, starting at the Agility of this way of Turkey Turhan said that constitutes the final link in extending the motorway network to the southern border, Ankara-Nigde highway build-operate-transfer ( He stated that it was built with the method of BOT).

Turhan said that the project will be transferred to the administration after the completion of the construction and operation period.

“Our project consists of a total of 275 kilometers, the main road length of which is 55 kilometers and the length of the connection roads is 330 kilometers. The project costs about 1,5 billion euros. The construction period of the project is foreseen to be completed in 2022, but the contractor firm aims to put the project into service in 2020 by taking the necessary measures, measures and increasing its capacity. The project is the last part of the project that will start with the neighbors of our country on the European border and will provide highway service to the border gates in the south. In this regard, it will perform an important task in road transportation. ”

5 viaduct, 77 overpass, 12 bridge junction, 451 box culvert, 34 bridge, 2 maintenance business center, 5 highway service facility parking area, 5 service area indicating that the Turhan, the project is completed on the highway and drivers will be offered more comfortable and safe transportation services.

Turhan pointed out that when this route between Ankara and Adana is completed, the existing route will be shortened by approximately 30 kilometers. Transportation service will be provided under continuous current conditions. This means economy, time saving and safe transportation service. ” said.

“Work on transportation projects continues without slowing down”

Turhan stated that the works in transportation projects continued unabated and BOT projects constitute a significant part of these.

Reminding that the Istanbul New Airport, which is one of the BOT projects, will be put into service on October 29, Turhan stated that the construction continues on the Malkara-Gelibolu-Lapseki Motorway, which also includes the Çanakkale Strait.

Explaining that the works are continuing with the BOT model on the Istanbul-İzmir Motorway, North Marmara Motorway and İzmir-Çandarlı Motorway, Turhan stated that 350% of the 30 billion lira transportation investment made throughout the country was made with the BOT model.

Turhan, Turkey is now stressing that the self-financing economic credibility to come use the BOT model in transportation projects with the benefits that they will tender in the new BOT projects the future and important projects said they would do with this method.

Underlining that they will continue their investments by utilizing the public finance and evaluating the appropriations in other areas, Turhan said:

“Recently, some foreign attacks on our country have been heard and some discourses have been heard stating that the investments are disrupted, delayed and even stopped by creating a particularly negative perception in the public. I would like to point out that these have no real aspects. When using our investment budget, it is our most important rule to ensure that it is effective and efficient, timely and timely, and to determine priorities. After that, we will continue our investments within these scales. Providing better, more beneficial service, preparing our country for the future, and being in a position above the level of contemporary civilizations in the future has been the main target of the entire transportation community. ”

In the construction of Ankara-Niğde Motorway, 4 bin 212 employee, providing service with a thousand 490 machines, Turhan, thanks to those who contributed to the project, the work done in these conditions, take the lead in the future of the country will be instrumental in the opening of the important.

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