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  1. instructions for evacuating the promenade for the bridge route: The new route of heavy tonnage vehicles will continue to work on the Northern Marmara Motorway. The General Directorate of Highways recently sent notifications to the restaurants in Sarıyer Uskumruköy and asked for the evacuation of the facilities. Business owners 30 for years they are removed from the region by public power says.
    The works on the Northern Marmara Motorway, which forms the connecting roads of the third bridge to Istanbul, continue rapidly. The foot of the third bridge called Yavuz Sultan Selim is about to be completed. Roads to the bridge on the viaducts of the rural restaurants on the route of the hasty expropriation decision was made. Last month, General Directorate of Highways sent notifications to the restaurants in Sarıyer Uskumruköy and demanded the evacuation of the facilities on tens of acres. 30 restaurant owners in the area for years, because of the bridge is the top of their lives. Operators, surprised by the expropriation of title deeds, say they are helpless in the face of state power. The director Osman Tolga, who lives in the viaduct, says all of his plans are upset because of the project. 12 years ago, the city escaped from the noise and settled in the region Tolga, natural life in the region will be moved because of the transfer. Tolga said that they watched the forest view from the window of his house until the last year. We were waking up with the sounds of nightingale. Now with construction sounds. Natural life was interrupted. We have to move, Mec he says.
    29 May The 2014 will be completed at 2015. The route of the project where the 65 viaduct is located is clear from the first day. Last month, however, the General Directorate of Highways sent notifications to the restaurants of the countryside near the viaduct in Sarıyer Uskumruköy and asked for the evacuation of the facilities established on tens of acres. The shopkeepers, who are desperate in the face of the expropriation of the title deed land, state that the 30 annual bread doors will be closed.
    The owner of a country restaurant, who does not want to give his name, says that no institution has interviewed them. The 1986 restaurant owner told us that he has been in the area since 10: beri Our land is turning XNUMX. We have a house here. Our vegetable garden, goats, geese. The project is good, the project of the country is bad. But there was no news. We're looking at the danger of expropriation. We have no knowledge of what the state is condemning to us. The bridge came to our nose; but we do not know what is being done. We do not want to leave our land; but we cannot cope with the state. We don't want to move our house. We have labor all over our garden. Bah
    The business owner who pointed out that his works were very busy before the bridge construction dikkat No one comes right now. We're under the noise of 24 watch work machines. If he'd given us notice two years ago, we'd have drawn our way. But a month ago I received notice. We don't know what to do. Ne Hasan Er, the owner of another rural restaurant, reports that they suffered a great deal of loss due to the construction of the bridge. 35 Er, indicating that they have been operating in this region for years, ık Especially in the summer, our work was very good. From the construction machinery, from the dust soil, we have been thoroughly victimized. Now it will be expropriated. We will oblige. We have land for 4. The state is worth at least. The door to our work here also closes. Bur
    View of the viaduct in the middle of the house
    Director Osman Tolga, who lived in 12 for years on the viaduct site, says he watches forest landscapes from his house window to the last year. Tolga said that they started the day with the sounds of chickade a year ago. Now we have 24 clock construction sounds. Neither the gendarmerie, nor the municipality, nor the Metropolitan Municipality is interested in us. They have a calendar and they're trying to raise it. We have no expropriation; but we will move. This place is nowhere to live. My window was in the jungle. Now the viaduct. Hundreds of thousands of trees have been cut. After a year it will become really unusable. They said we would not give the exit to the bridge; but they have a rumor that they have an 6 output. ama


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