School Services Supervised in Köprübaşı

The teams of the Transportation Department of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, together with the traffic policemen, supervised the services of the student transport at Köprübaşı. The teams supervising school service vehicles in order to ensure the safe arrival of the students, applied criminal proceedings to vehicles that did not comply with the standards.

The teams of the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Office initiated an audit on school service vehicles at various points throughout the province on the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. At Köprübaşı, the teams that supervised the services of the student transporting traffic police teams together with the police, applied criminal proceedings to the vehicles which did not comply with the standards. Indicating that the school services are performing the necessary controls according to the auditing criteria, Hüseyin Üstün, Head of Transportation Department said, ine I wish 2018-2019 education and training period to be completed without success and full of success. Okul

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