Uninterrupted Transportation on Ordu Boulevard Karşıyaka Relieve Traffic

📩 24/12/2018 17:16

Even though the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality appears as a “road” in the zoning plan, the land that is closed with a wall and interrupts the vehicle traffic on Ordu Boulevard includes the transportation axis. The new 125-meter connection will ease traffic in the direction of Girne and Bostanlı.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka He initiated an important study to relax the traffic flow in the region where Ahmet Piriştina Cultural Center is located in Şemikler. It has been reported that an important need will be met by including the transportation axis of the plot, which starts at the intersection of Erdal Akkaya Street, which is the continuation of Ordu Boulevard and appears as a road in the zoning plan. While the wall in between was demolished for the connection of the land in question to 6274/1 Sokak, about 100 fruit trees were also taken under protection by the Metropolitan Municipality.

The road that will be added to the 125 meter-long and 24,5 meter-wide Army Boulevard will ease the transportation of the vehicles that want to go to the direction of Girne and Bostanli from the region where Ahmet Piristina Cultural Center is located or to reach the cultural center from these regions and organize the flow of traffic in the region.

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