38 Kayseri

Snow Volleyball European Cup Started in Erciyes

Snow Volleyball European Cup Erciyes Start: The first time in Turkey, Universal Winter Sports Center started the European Cup made 2017 CEVA Snow Volleyball at Erciyes ... Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality as a result of large investments, with their facilities and runways world-class "Universal Winter [more…]


TCDD flag waved at the summit

TCDD flag at the summit wave: TCDD 3.Region of the Directorate of the Map Technician who served as a member of the Tuna Aydin, work, as well as love is bound to love mountaineering sports targets. increasing the remaining time due to busy working all the Mountaineering Federation of Turkey [more…]


Samu, 6. Local Tram Has Added to Fleet

Samu, 6. Local Tram has been added to the fleet: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Line Gar-Tekkeköy in the second stage of the second stage of the construction of the 8 units purchased by SAMULAŞ sixth tram came to Samsun by highway yesterday. Greater Samsun [more…]


Transportation Relaxation Works in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Transportation Activities: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide comfortable and quality transportation solutions to citizens in urban transportation. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, in order to meet increasing passenger demands, increase capacity and provide better service to passengers [more…]

16 Bursa

How did Burulaş fly to the airport

How to fly to the airport forbidden Burulaş: From the General Directorate of Civil Aviation to use only amateur and sportive flights from Yunuseli Airport 1 from February Burulaş'ın seaplane expeditions appeared. Only by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation [more…]


There was a Syrian hospital in the tram

There was a Syrian hospital in the city where the tram passes: The accident occurred in the Municipalities Station of the Municipal Municipalities Municipality in Canik district of Samsun. According to information obtained, under the administration of Vatman HD 55024 tramway station in the opposite direction to go down the street tram [more…]


RayHaber 17.02.2017 Tender Bulletin

Personnel Service Will Be Taken Cable Car System Between Gölcük-Karacasu Will Be Built Kastamonu Provincial Central Cable Car System Will Be Built Cleaning Service Will Be Taken Similar Railway News and Other News That May Attract YouRayHaber 02.01.2017 Tender Bulletin 02 / 01 / 2017 In our system, any 02.01.2017 date [more…]

34 Istanbul

Gaziosmanpasa is the center of transportation

Gaziosmanpaşa is becoming the center of transportation: Gaziosmanpaşa continues to evolve with giant projects in transportation. With the integration of the 4 rail system line and the 2 ropeway that will pass through Gaziosmanpaşa, the district becomes the center of transportation. Gaziosmanpasa new metro [more…]

34 Istanbul

Blood donation campaign starts at subway stations

Blood donation campaign starts at Metro stations: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Red Crescent launch a joint campaign to increase blood donation. In the activities that started with the slogan of sağlam Break in Goodness Between Two Stops etkinlik, it is aimed that the metro passengers will contribute to blood donation. [more…]