TCDD flag waved at the summit

TCDD waved the flag at the summit: TOLDD member YOLDER member Tuna Aydın, who worked as a Map Technician at TCDD 3. All the time remaining residuals from Intensive efforts Mountaineering Federation of Turkey due to the climb as a licensed climbers who Aydin, participated in Aksaray Hasan Mountain in winter climbing in 3 thousand 628 meters by opening the TCDD flag, lives of the pride of waving the flag at the summit institution. “Every mountaineer's dream is to climb Everest, the roof of the world, Aydın he says, adding that such large-scale climbing is impossible without sponsoring. Without any sponsors for Turkey's support 5 137 thousand meter Mount Ararat, the highest mountain peak in Aydin who perform subsequent first goal of 6 thousand meters of altitude climb in Kyrgyzstan.

It is a tradition for mountaineers, athletes who reach the summit after long hours or even days of climbing, waving the flag of their country, the institution or their supporters at the summit. Turkey as a licensed athletes of a mountaineering club located in Izmir, depending on the Mountaineering Federation 10-12 February 2017 date Aksaray Hasan Mountain Winter participating in the climb Railway Construction and Operating Personnel Assistance and Solidarity Association (on the road), a member of the Danube Aydin, while working as a Surveying Technician TCDD waved its flag at a height of one thousand 3 meters 628.

Aydın believes that the development in the business environment is only possible with the feeling of belonging to the employees, “TCDD is one of the oldest and long-established institutions of our country. Especially the big steps taken by our institution in recent years and huge investments make us all proud as an employee and as a citizen. In order to symbolize these breakthroughs, I wanted to wave at the summit by taking the flag of my Institution on my last big climb. It is proud that the institution I work for myself is at the summit and I also have a contribution in this. ”

Aydın said that he spent his time in the field, especially holidays and annual leave during climbing. Iş I became a licensed athlete by improving the mountaineering sport I met during my university years. Besides my job and the institution I work with, I am a wholehearted mountaineer, making me the biggest effort. I have climbed many mountains in our country, the highest of which is Mount Ararat. My next goal is to see the peaks abroad. First of all, we are preparing a program to perform a 6 thousand meter climb in Kyrgyzstan during Eid al-Adha. ”


Saying that every climber dreams of climbing Everest, the highest mountain in the world, Aydın said, “My biggest dream is to climb K2, which has the most challenging climbing route in the world. However, of course, such large climbing requires both hard work and sponsorship support. If I can find sponsor support, I can target a thousand-meter climb of 7. ”

Believing that the investments made by the institutions to the employees are actually the investments made in the country, Aydın continued: insanlar For the benefit of the country, people who are engaged in sports need to be supported. Mountaineering is a sport that develops both mentally and physically. It is based on patience, courage and discipline. They have a very positive contribution to your work and daily life. For these reasons, in Germany, for example, institutions support employees who are interested in sports. I hope that in our country, the support provided by the institutions to sports and athletes increases within the scope of at least one public relations activity. ”

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