Blood donation campaign starts at subway stations

Blood donation campaign starts at metro stations: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish Red Crescent launched a joint campaign to increase blood donation. The events, which started with the slogan of "A Good Break Between Two Stops", are intended to contribute to blood donation of metro passengers.

The Blood Donation Event, which is planned by Turkish Red Crescent and IBB affiliates Metro İstanbul together, will be held at the same time in the Pendik, Ünalan, Yenikapı, Hacıosman and Kirazlı metro stations on the 18-19 February.

In the activities aiming to support the blood donations of the metro passengers, the passengers will be able to listen to the concerts of the metro musicians in addition to giving blood at the stations they are in.

Metro Istanbul General Manager Kasım Kutlu, along with Turkish Red Crescent General President Kerem Kınık, will also support the blood donation with our people. The opening events will continue with the concert of the metro musicians after the catering.

At the same time, a high turnout is expected at the same time at the 5 station.

Let's give blood to Istanbul!

“A good break between two stops”



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