Metro in the capital, Ankara Forgotten Items Surprised

Metro in the capital, Ankara Forgotten Items Surprised: In the capital, metro, Ankaray and municipal buses forget the television from the drill, laptop, bicycle, camera, business equipment to surprise many who saw many things.

According to a written statement made by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, buses and rail vehicles traveling on Ankara each day over 1 million are cleaned after completing their daily voyages. Meanwhile, the items forgotten or dropped by passengers, drivers and movement officers are determined by the record. Similarly, the goods found when cleaning the wagons with rail system vehicles are kept and delivered to the concerned.

Lost items 1 kept for years

EGO is trying to reach the owners of the forgotten items delivered in the lost goods office. Owner can not find 15 daily periods of EGO General Directorate is/ lost property is listed on the internet.

Items not found by EGO are stored after 1 is stored throughout the year. Since the beginning of 2016 in the capital, 5 thousand 538 pounds, 5 euros and 272 dollars were found in buses. At the beginning of the forgotten items, the wallet came. 136 wallet, 58 mobile phone, 35 glasses were forgotten in buses, drills and bicycles were among the forgotten items.

25 to be sold in February

The owners cannot find 1 for years, and will be sold by EGO on Saturday, February at the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Campus.


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