There was a Syrian hospital in the tram

There was a Syrian hospital in the city where the tram passes: The accident occurred in the Municipalities Station of the Municipal Municipalities Municipality in Canik district of Samsun. According to information obtained, under the administration of Vatman HD 55024 tramway station in the opposite direction to cross the tram in the station who want to cross the Aıman Abosaleh (37) was hit. Ximan Abosaleh 4 child injured in the accident, 112 Emergency Service teams by the Samsun Training and Research Hospital, removed by ambulance was treated. 4 years he lived in Turkey and homes in painting made saying that Syrian Aiman ​​Abosaleh, every Thursday at River Police Station signed it and wants to pass again faced down the tram going to sign him said he hit the other tram because the refugees. Investigation on the accident continues.

Günceleme: 16/12/2018 15:58

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