10 Balikesir

Railway Connection to Dursunbey OIZ

Railway Connection to Dursunbey OS: Organized Industrial Zone in Dursunbey Gazellidere Railway station will be connected to the railway line. Thus, Dursunbey OSB will provide a great advantage to the investors in terms of logistics. Dursunbey Mayor Ramazan BahçaBvan's Employment Projects [more…]


Kocaeli's tramway passes the tests successfully

Tramway vehicle of Kocaeli passes the tests successfully: In the Akçaray project, which will bring the city of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with light rail transportation, the production and trial tests of tram cars continue. The first of the tram cars produced in Bursa successfully passed the driving tests. [more…]


Tramway Wire Barriers in Konya

Tramway Wire Barriers in Konya: During the busiest days of the passenger traffic due to the malfunction of the trolley transportation lines, the transportation was delayed for a long time and many people who were late for work and school became a victim. Shortage of public transport [more…]


Bus resti minibus stretched

After the extension of the rail system to Tekkeköy, the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality was suggested to call the bus and minibus lines. Hat heads announced that they are preparing for a new fight Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Light Rail System after the extension of Atakum and [more…]

06 Ankara

Always Passing Trains

Always Passing Trains: General Director of TCDD İsa ApaydınThe new article in Raillife is right in the middle of the winter season. Snow thickness in some regions reached 1,5-2 meters. Transportation has become a retribution, [more…]


RayHaber 21.02.2017 Tender Bulletin

Accommodation Services will be taken TCDD Ankara Training Center Directorate Trainee Transport Service Service Bracelet Susta will be purchased (TÜDEMSAŞ) Wagon Cleaning Demounting and Cutting Works Service will be received (TÜDEMSAŞ) Outer Tire will be purchased Diameter 920 mm Monoblock [more…]

Intercity Railways

Local Engineer Locates Diesel Engine

Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said that the High Speed ​​Train will be produced at the TÜLOMSAŞ Factory in Eskişehir and said, i We will do the High Speed ​​Train ourselves, we will not use it in our country, we will export it to all parts of the world Ulaştırma. Eskişehir to participate in various programs [more…]

06 Ankara

Water Leakage in Çayyolu Metro Stations

Water Leakage in Çayyolu Metro Stations: Cracking and swelling of the walls began to form due to water leaks in some stations of Çayyolu Metro. Citizens of the leakage of the citizens, the authorities want to take measures. Hurriyet Ankara, which has been raised many times by Çayyolu [more…]


Tender Announcement: Buy Charcoal

TCDD AFYON CONCRETE TRAVERS FACTORY DIRECTORATE Cam Cadillac Purchased SUBJECT OF TENDER AND ISSUES RELATED TO BIDS Article 1 - Information on business administration 1.1. The owner of the business administration; a) Name: TCDD AFYON CONCRETE TRAVERS FACTORY [more…]


Tender Announcement: Receive

TCDD 6. Regional Directorate Will Be Obtained In Accuracy SUBJECT OF TENDER AND SUBSEQUENT ISSUES Article 1 - Information on business administration 1.1. The owner of the business administration; a) Name: TCDD 6. B) Address of the Regional Directorate: Kurtuluş [more…]