How did Burulaş fly to the airport

How to fly to the airport forbidden Burulaş: From the General Directorate of Civil Aviation to use only amateur and sportive flights from Yunuseli Airport 1 from February Burulaş'ın seaplane expeditions appeared.

By the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, only amateur and sportive flights have been opened from Yunuseli Airport, 1.

After the opening of Bursa Yenişehir Airport, XVIF was shut down in 2001 and 1 started to use the Yunuseli Airport for commercial flights. 1 It was learned from February that the flights to the Golden Horn from Yunuseli Airport had been stopped by the sea. The General Directorate of Civil Aviation, which is only used for amateur and sporty aviation, made commercial flights from the airport, Burulaş'ın tower, fire brigade and other necessary infrastructure to organize a flight from the airport is contrary to civil aviation rules were recorded.

Burulaş'ın, for about two weeks from the airport, how it can continue to be the subject of curiosity.
On the other hand, it was learned that Skyline's airplanes made commercial flights from Yunuseli Airport and these flights were terminated by the intervention of SHGM.

In January 2016, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Civil Aviation General Directorate approved the application for using Yunuseli Square as the landing strip within the borders of Bursa Municipality. The statement made by SHGM on Yunuseli Airport was said as follows:

Araç Flight operations can be organized to the Yunuseli Square, which is permitted under the Instruction of Construction and Use of Landing Strips, which was published in August last year, in order to enable the DGCA to use civil aviation except for airports and heliports, and to support amateur aviation activities. “

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