Security Cameras of the Tarsus Train Station

Tarsus Train Station Security Cameras were claimed to be: Tarsus Train Station, a police burglary investigating the incident of a burglary, wanted to examine the security cameras of the station, alleged that the outside of the station was alleged.
According to information obtained, Tarsus TCDD railway station 33 N 4085 plate, leaving the motorcycle locked M.Ç.B. When he returned to the station, he noticed that his motorcycle was not in place. M.Ç.B. motorcycle to find the police, the motorcycle was stolen notified.
While the police teams who came to the scene started to work to catch thieves or thieves, they wanted to examine the security cameras of TCDD on the subject.
However, Tarsus TCDD station outside the security cameras that see the outside of the records could not be examined.
Despite the increase in the number of recent terrorist attacks and live bomb attacks, the TCDD, which is an important institution of the State, had a shocking effect on the Tarsus people who claimed that the security cameras were not working.

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 16:35

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