Significant cooperation in Europe-Caucasus-Asia line

Important cooperation on the Europe-Caucasus-Asia line: The tourism zone of Avaza, located on the coast of the Caspian Sea of ​​Turkmenistan, hosted an important international meeting on transportation and maritime. Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Georgia railway and sea transportation representatives came together. Important cooperation areas in the field of transportation on the Euro-Caucasus-Asia line were discussed at the meeting. The sides exchanged views on many issues such as the implementation of the TRACEKA program, the establishment of a transportation corridor on the western line from Central Asia, and the revitalization of the Silk Road.
In addition, the participating countries evaluated the proposal for the establishment of a joint logistics company in order to increase the freight transport and systematically continue. Standardized tariffs, preparation of official documents and customs procedures were also discussed during the meeting.
On the other hand, a triple meeting was held between Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and the Iranian railway ministry in the capital Ashgabat. At the meeting, issues related to increasing freight transportation by Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran railway were discussed. In this context, views were exchanged on the transportation of loads from Russia and European countries by this railway. Therefore, it was decided to invite them to the Russian officials to the next meeting.
In addition, the organization of transporting containers from China to Iran via Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan was emphasized. There was a test recently for this.



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