İZBAN 5 years old

İZBAN 5 years: Turkey's biggest tolerance and synergy project as life passed Izmir Suburban Transportation System (İZBAN), outpacing the fifth year. IZBAN, 30 August 2010 on the north-south railway axis in Izmir began to operate the front passenger. In the first period, İZBAN, operating in eight sets and carrying 20 thousand passengers a day, became one of the fastest growing suburban systems of the world in the last five years.


In this way, İZBAN was awarded the grand prize by the International Association of Public Transporters (UITP), the largest organization in the world's public transportation sector, in the second year. IZBAN, which won the award in the 2012 year of UITP, won the award in Geneva at 28 May 2013 with the participation of Aziz Kocaoglu, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Süleyman Karaman, General Director of TCDD.


İZBAN increased the number of train sets in the last five years. The system, which started with eight sets of 24 wagons at the first stage, reached the 33 set at the end of the first year with the installation of the trains completed. Considering the increasing number of passengers, the company invested more than a million dollars. March 180 signed the agreement, 2012'de "Gulf of Yunusu" name of the people of Izmir said hello. Today, IZBAN has acquired a huge fleet of 2014 wagons.


In the first year of its operation, İZBAN carried 2,5 million passengers over a period of four months. In the following months, the number of passengers increased rapidly. Thanks to the integration of Izmir Metro, the transfer of ESHOT buses and the recognition of the system, the number of passengers grew like an avalanche. 2011 million in 40, 2012 million in 55, 2013 million in 65, 2014 million passengers in 82, IZBAN, 2015 in the first eight months of 55 million left out. Thus, the total number of passengers carried in five years, passed the 300 million threshold. The 50 millionth passenger of IZBAN was Nur Yıldırım in 8 March 2012 and Elif Ayçiçek was the 18 2014 millionth passenger in 200 June.


30 August 2010's first voyage, the southern axis "We start" with the slogan of IZBAN, 5 December 2010'da Çiğli-Cumaovası line opened and 30 January 2011'da launched the whole axis. 13 started to work even more efficiently on February 2011 with full integration with ESHOT. 10 Hilal Station, opened on June 2012, was the second transfer station after Halkapınar between İZBAN and İzmir Metro. Hilal, especially Sirinyer from the busy southern stations, such as the transfer of passengers has provided great convenience.


The Torbalı line of İZBAN, which has been growing on the north-south axis, has reached the stage of completion in this five-year period. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, signaling, line and electrification works. Torbali line made by TCDD will be activated in a short time. Thus, İZBAN will increase the number of stations to 38 and the total line length to 112. After the completion of the ongoing works on the Selçuk line, the total length of the line will increase to 136 kilometers.

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