34 Istanbul

Pendik metro construction accident

Accident in the construction of Pendik metro: Pendik metro construction site to be used in the construction of a crane fell on a worker's iron. Hundreds of pounds of iron workers under the fire was saved by the work of the crew. Event under the Pendik Bridge [more…]

Intercity Railways

Locomotive Hits Car In Samsun

Locomotive Collided with Car in Samsun: The accident that occurred as a result of the locomotive hitting the car at the level crossing in Samsun was avoided with material damage. The accident occurred at the level crossing next to the Kefeli Junction in the Kılıçdede District of Ilkadım district at around 21.00. [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursa ropeway stations rent out

Bursa ropeway stations were rented: 2 independent section was rented out at the new ropeway in the new ropeway built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality by Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. by build-operate-transfer method. Bursa Teleferik A.Ş. Chairman of the Board [more…]

35 Izmir

Led bulb period at Balçova Cable Car

Led bulb period in Balçova Teleferik: Balçova Cable Car, which was built by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, started its service again after routine maintenance. An innovation during maintenance was also in the cabins. Each in a color of the rainbow [more…]

35 Izmir

Bostanlı Artisan Tram Call

Bostanli Tradesmen Call for Tram: 10 has been on the agenda for years Karşıyaka As the construction works on the tram continue, the trades' concerns are growing day by day. President of Bostanlı Tradesmen and Businessmen Association (BESİAD) [more…]


Tram description from President Akyürek

Tram statement from Mayor Akyürek: Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek, who participated in the opening of the Barrier-Free Business Life Project, also gave good news. Mayor Akyürek gave a brief overview of some streets closed due to tram works [more…]

36 Macaristan

Hungary's Budapest-Esztergon Line Reopens

Budapest-Estergon Line Reopened in Hungary: Hungarian national passenger operator MAV-Start announced that the Budapest-Estergon line, whose modernization has been completed, has been put back into service. Thus, as of August 20, the line became active again. your line [more…]

38 Ukrayna

Kharkiv Metro Train in Ukraine Renewed

Renovation of Krakow Metro Trains in Ukraine: The renovation works of the trains used in the Kharkiv metro in Ukraine since 2004 continue. The first of the renewed trains was introduced at the Heroiv Pratsi station on the second line of the Kharkiv metro. Introduction 21 [more…]