48 Poland

Golden Installed Legend Train Found

The legendary train loaded with gold was found: it was claimed that there was a Nazi train in Poland that was said to have disappeared during World War II and filled with gold, jewels and weapons. Armored train, 1945'te Soviet forces approaching, present [more…]


RayHaber 20.08.2015 Tender Bulletin

Buatagres body will be purchased (TÜVASAŞ) Skid Sand will be purchased Bridge and culvert repairs will be made DMU interior accessories will be purchased (TÜVASAŞ) Driver rental car service will be purchased (TÜDEMSAŞ) for EMU train set [more…]


Bar Street operators ileri Show us the place Bar

Barlar Street Operators göster Show us a place ”: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality completed the tenders in the Izmit Tram project, completed the projects, declared the 7 kilometer route. In the coming days digging will be shot, the construction of the tram road will begin. Big city [more…]