16 Bursa

Cable car discount to Uludag campers

Cable car discount to campers in Uludağ: The cable car, which started again in the Uludağ hotels region, decided to discount campers staying in Çobankaya and Sarıalan. Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu's remaining in Çobankaya [more…]

35 Izmir

Teleferik in Izmir

Restoration of the Cable Car in İzmir: Due to the extreme temperatures and the transportation of passengers far beyond the expectations in a short time, the periodic maintenance of the Teleferik in the autumn was emphasized. Facilities from today [more…]


RayHaber 12.08.2015 Tender Bulletin

Purchase of three-arm turnstile to be used in Ankara subway operation Mechanic Warning System will be made to Level Crossings Afyon Concrete Sleeper Factory Site Concrete Asphalt Coating

61 Australia

Death-death struggle on train tracks (Video)

The struggle for life and death on the train tracks: The incident that took place in a train station in Australia and brought heart to mouth was reflected in the security camera. Little trying to get the toy falling on the tracks at the Flemington station [more…]


Konya Gar is a parking lot

Konya Train Car Park was to be paid: One of the biggest and most useful investments in our city was without a doubt, the High Speed ​​Train. Our city to Ankara, then to Istanbul and Eskişehir [more…]