16 Bursa

Cable car discount to Uludag campers

Cable car discount for the campers in Uludag: The ropeway started to be re-launched in the Uludağ hotels region, and decided to discount the campers in Çobankaya and Sarıalan. Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu's visit to the campers in Çobankaya raised the cost of the ropeway prices are expensive [more…]

35 Izmir

Teleferik in Izmir

Teleferik Pleasure Break in Izmir: Due to overheating and passenger transport in excess of expectations in a short time, Teleferik's periodic maintenance in autumn was put forward. Facilities will be taken care of today for 10 days. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, last month [more…]


RayHaber 12.08.2015 Tender Bulletin

Purchase of three-arm turnstile to be used in Ankara subway operation Machinist Warning System will be made to Level Crossings Afyon Concrete Sleeper Factory Site Concrete Asphalt Coating Similar Railway News and Other News You may be interested inRayNews 05.01.2015 Tender [more…]

61 Australia

Death-death struggle on train tracks (Video)

The struggle for death and death on the railroad tracks: The incident occurred in a train station in Australia and brought to the hearts of the heart was reflected in the security camera. At the Flemington station, a little girl trying to take the toy falling on the tracks was almost under the train. Getting the train coming [more…]


Konya Gar is a parking lot

Konya Gar parking lot is paid: One of the most useful and most cost-effective investments in our city is undoubtedly Fast Train. We can say that the fast train connecting our city to Ankara and then to Istanbul and Eskişehir made our life easier. For fast train opening [more…]

36 Kars

Alpine Skiing National Team entered the camp in Sarikamis

Alpine Skiing National Team entered the camp in Sarikamis: Alpine Skiing National Team entered the summer camp in Sarikamis district for the preparation of international organizations. Cıbıltepe Ski Center and Youth Services and Sports District Directorate continues to work in the facilities [more…]

34 Istanbul

The electric tram in Istanbul

Electric trolley journey in Istanbul: Electric trams first started to operate in 1913 in Istanbul. In 1961 it was removed because it could not be efficient. Before the electric trams, ord horse-drawn trams N were used for nearly 42 year. [more…]