998 Uzbekistan

New Railway Line to be constructed in Uzbekistan

New Railway Line to be constructed in Uzbekistan:-Uzbekistan Railways “The Joint Stock Company will construct the new railway line” Nevai-Kanimeh-Misken olan which is 396,9 km long. According to the news published in the Economy Bulletin of the Ministry of Economy, General Directorate of Economic Research and Evaluation, President [more…]

12 Bingol

Trans-Asian train's mined attack

Trans-Asian train on the mines attack: Terrorist PKK, Bingol, Ankara-Tehran expedition to the train that carried out a mined attack. There was no loss of life and damage occurred in wagons and rails. According to information received, between Suveren and Genç station, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Bag control in the subway

Bag control in the subway: The information that a foreign intelligence unit shared with the Turkish authorities alarmed Istanbul police. The terrorist organization ISIS made a bomb by passing the X-ray and prepared a suicide bomb attack with 5 members who know good Turkish. [more…]