44 UK

UK to Take Train from Japanese Hitachi

England Buys Trains From Japanese Hitachi Company: An agreement was signed between the British Department of Transport and the Japanese company Hitachi. According to the agreement, 29 AT300s will be used between the UK London, Plymouth and Penzance lines. [more…]

86 China

Skoda Trams Enter the Chinese Market

Skoda Trams Enter the Chinese Market: Trams, a joint production of the Chinese company Beijing Subway Rolling Stock and Skoda, were showcased. Trams named UrTran 2 introduced at the fair held in Beijing, the capital of China [more…]

Aziz Kocaoglu
35 Izmir

Metro Bornova Will Extend to Square

Metro will extend to Bornova Square: Plans to extend the metro to Bornova Square have been approved. Bornova City Council unanimously approved the 3/1 plans required to bring the Metro from Evka-1000 to Bornova Center at its meeting yesterday. [more…]

The Osmangazi Bridge

The toll of the Bay Bridge is astonishing

The Toll Fee of the Bay Bridge is astonishing: While the foundation of the Gulf Bridge was laid in 2010, the toll was announced as 35 dollars VAT. While the exchange rate was 1.43 at that time, the toll fee, which was 60 lira, is in dollars today. [more…]

Intercity Railways

50 sheep flew to herd train plunged

The train plunged into the herd 50 sheep perished: The train crashing into the herd in the Saray district of Van caused 50 sheep. The accident took place in the Çaybağı neighborhood of the Saray district of Van. Train, sheep passing over rails [more…]

Intercity Railways

Train crash in Diyarbakir

Train accident in Diyarbakir: A passenger train in motion in Diyarbakir hit the minibus. Material damage occurred in the accident when a train traveling from Diyarbakır to Sivas collided with the minibus in motion. According to the information obtained [more…]

05 Amasya

This locomotive is the only one in the world

This locomotive is the only one in the world: The 1910 model two-wheeled steam locomotive in a company operating a coal mine in Amasya is shown as the only example of its model in the world. Director of the Old Çeltek Coal Plant where the locomotive was exhibited [more…]