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1 Canada

New Trains in Montreal Subway in Canada

New Trains to the Montreal Metro in Canada: The metro operator of the Canadian city of Montreal, STM, announced on August 25 that the delivery was made after the agreement made in 2010 for the purchase of subway trains from the partnership of Bombardier and Alstom companies. [more…]

12 Bingol

Explosive disposed on the railway in Bingöl

Explosive placed on the train track in Bingöl was destroyed: Gendarmerie teams carrying out land search and scanning near the village of Suveren in the Genç District of Bingöl, destroyed the handmade explosive placed 100 meters from the train track. [more…]

48 Poland

What happened to the gold-filled train

What happened to the train full of gold :2. Claiming to have found the legendary 'gold train' that was lost while valuables were smuggled out of Poland during World War II, the two people still have not disclosed where the train is. claim to have found the train [more…]

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35 Izmir

Special Transportation Arrangement for the Fair in İzmir

Special transportation arrangements were made for the fair in İzmir: Having completed its preparations for the 84th İzmir International Fair (IEF) to be held in Kültürpark, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality also made arrangements in public transportation. Municipality, from 28 August to 6 September 2015 [more…]