Railway Opportunities for Our Industrialists

railways are explained to our industrialists
railways are explained to our industrialists

TCDD Transportation Inc. Regional Director Abdurrahman Şeref UĞUR, “The cost of the railway is cheaper than the road. Bölge

Industrialists and employees in Adana Organized Industrial Zone; it was explained how advantageous railways could be used.

AOSB Presidency and TCDD Adana Taşımacılık A.Ş. In the meeting held in AOSB Seyhan Hall in cooperation with the Regional Directorate; Mersin Port Management and İskenderun Port Management and Arkas Logistics officials said, “TCDD Adana Taşımacılık A.Ş. They made a presentation on the “Location and Opportunities in the Region in the Cargo and Passenger Transport of the Regional Directorate”.

AOSB Chairman Bekir Sütcü, in his speech at the opening of the meeting, thanked the guests for their participation in the meeting and said, olarak As the Adana Hacı Sabancı Organized Industrial Zone Presidency, the biggest aim here is to provide all kinds of services to the most economical way for our industrialists to focus on production and employment. It is also an advantage for us that the railways pass through our AOSB. To serve all kinds of services that will contribute to the national economy is one of our primary tasks. Katkı


TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. was the first to receive information at the information meeting. Regional Director Abdurrahman Seref Ugur, giving information about the liberalization of the railway sector, "Liberalization of enacted in 2013 Turkey Railway Transport TCDD will be restructured under the Law of TCDD" Railway Infrastructure Operator "as defined, the entire share capital of state-owned TCDD Transport Inc. as a ”Railway Train Operator yıl started its activities in 2017. ise

Ugur, their vehicles by the private sector, said staff with the make passenger and freight transport in the opening of the front, "Liberalization with Turkey rail transport sector to improve the competitiveness and transportation share in the face of other modes of transport and rail transport was intended to increase the competitiveness of its own," he said.

Uğur stated that the railway transportation is more advantageous than the highway and detailed this with the example. Uğur, Iskenderun Port (Sarıseki Including) comparison between the transportation costs between Adana and, said:

Geliş Iskenderun Port (including Sarıseki) - Adana Org. 40 container for X Company in Industrial Zone is empty - full

1) Road Transport option

Direct shipment from factory to port)

Shipping fee: 950

2) Railway Transport Option

a) From Yakapinar to İskele / Port of Sarıseki Port of Railway: 375 TL

b) From Highway to Factory Yakapınar Loj.Merk. Go-to-arrival + Kalmar download-service service in Yakapınar is 350 TL and 725 is TL. Geliş

During the meeting, passenger service manager Murat Arıkmert and logistics assistant Osman Yıldırım also explained how the AOSB railroads can be used in their presentation.

AOSB Chairman of the Board Bekir Sütcü, Board of Directors members Yusuf Kara, Nedim Büyüknacar, Selahattin Onatça, AOSB Regional Manager Ersin Akpınar, Mersin and İskenderun Port representatives, Arkas Logistics officials and industrialists attended the meeting.

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