Aksayol Cayyolu Metro

📩 03/12/2018 17:28

Aksayol Çayyolu Metro: Çayyolu subway, which has been a fault since the day it was opened, started to be painful yesterday morning. 30 minute voyages halted due to malfunction, while passengers were rebelling against the announcements: sefer A technical fault is called. Is 3 minutes, 5 minutes or an hour? X

The capital's new metro lines Çayyolu and Sincan, the first day of opening from the first day of this 'breakdown' problem, yesterday morning again occurred.
Ankara, who came to the subway line from Kızılay to Çayyolu, was confronted with the announcement arıza Our flights will continue to be disrupted due to technical breakdown K.
The minute the residents of Ankara live minutes:
* 09.02- Metron is broken, announced by announcement.
* 09.10- The fault announcement was made for the second time.
* 09.15- Fault announcement for the third time.
* 09.25- Fault announcement for the fourth time. In the meantime, the passengers from the wagons, and started to discuss with officials.
Passengers respond, teknik In the announcements you give, only a technical fault is called. 3 minutes, 5 minutes or an hour we can not understand. If you tell us exactly what the problem, we will go upstairs by going up to him. Sorun Vatman stated that he does not have any information about the passengers, "You are right" replied.
After a half-hour wait, the train moved.


30 7-8 once, ley Our train will move from Kizilay to Beytepe station. Passengers who want to go to Çayyolu and Koru should board the ring buses that are set down in Beytepe otobüs passengers who hear, when they come to Söğütözü stop, ist Our flights have returned to normal. You can continue your journey without any transfer unuz encountered the announcement.
Passengers who were late for work and said they would complain about the events to 153 Mavi Masa, said, “We don't think there will be a result, but there is nothing else we can do. Nobody knows what the passenger is. We are always late for work, we are having problems at work yaşıy.


  • Integration not finished
  • Inadequate number of wagons
  • Stations dripping

Ankara Hurriyet, before evaluating the complaints of the citizens of the Çayyolu and Sincan met the problems experienced earlier in the metros. The Çayyolu and Sincan subways, which were put into service in March of 2014, were criticized due to insufficient number of wagons and voyages, longer travel time due to ring voyages and problems at the stations.


Metropolitan Municipality, 12 May 2014 'signaling systems integration work' announced that the date of the last train movement hours and had announced. The statement stated that the end of the 2014 will be finished. One year after the regulation, the integration work in the subways has not yet been completed.


The problems in the Çayyolu Metro were also moved to the agenda of the TGNA. Levent Gök, CHP's Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, told Lütfi Elvan about the problems in the subway and said, Bakan Waggons are choked, clicked “. . Despite the 5 month, the number of wagons has not been increased.

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