Bozankaya The Domestic Tram Produced By His Company For The First Time In Kayseri

native trambus
native trambus

Since 1997, the BozankayaThe domestic production 100 percent low-floor trams represents many firsts for Turkey. Bozankayas 2016-meter-long, two-way tram, which will be on the rails in 66, is the first vehicle with the highest passenger capacity in the tram segment in Turkey.

Participated in many rail systems and public transportation projects all over the world Bozankayapercent of domestic production, 100 puts many firsts with low-floor tram, trambus, subway and electric bus projects.

Combining international experience with domestic production BozankayaIt will introduce its first car in representing Turkey in Eurasia Rail 2015 fair.

Innovative manufacturer of rail systems and commercial vehicles Bozankayapresents its experiences in public transportation with new generation vehicle projects. Participated in many rail system and public transportation projects all over the world Bozankayapercent of domestic production, 100 puts many firsts with low-floor tram, trambus, subway and electric bus projects. BozankayaWhile promoting its domestic tram and trambus projects at the Eurasia Rail Fair to be held in Istanbul between 05-07 March, it also showcases its electric bus for the first time in Turkey.

Local Tram First in Kayseri

Since 1997, the Bozankaya'S domestic production 100 percent low-floor trams it represents many firsts for Turkey. Bozankaya'In the 2016 66 meters in length will be on the rail and bi-directional tram, tram segment in Turkey has the highest passenger capacity, number of passengers carries the distinction of being the first vehicle. Turkey also carried out so far in the purchase cost of a separate importance of being the most convenient tram project. Bozankayatender for 46 million euros kazanIn order to ease the transportation of the city, it first produces 30 of these special trams for Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.

Bozankaya Group General Manager Aytunç Günay made a statement before the fair: “Bozankaya As a long-term R&D work, we produce the tram vehicle, which is 100 percent low-base, 33 meters long and consists of 5 modules. This tram, which is our domestic production in accordance with international standards, stands out as a high quality and financially advantageous means of transportation compared to transportation vehicles imported from Europe. ”

Turkey's first domestic Trambü Services to Begin

BozankayaThe production of Turkey's first indigenous TRAMBUS of the 8 months after the driving test will be held in Malatya are starting to serve with the official opening. Delivering 10 trambus to Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Bozankayareceives requests from local authorities both at home and abroad for this special vehicle. The new generation trambuses, which meet the need for environmentally friendly, fast and reliable transportation systems and which are first with the low investment cost, save 65-70 percent compared to diesel fueled buses. In terms of durability, diesel vehicles have twice the life. The electric drive system, which is the technology used by the Trambus vehicle, makes a difference with its energy and environmental solution plan. Trambuses, which operate with the principle of zero emissions, are also pioneers in environmental sensitivity.

Bozankaya Aytunç Günay, General Manager of the Group, provided information about the first domestic trambus: tr Although there are technically similarities with tram systems, trambus systems which have much lower initial investment costs, vehicle prices and lower requirements of infrastructure (rail, truss, signaling, etc.) Due to the initial installation investments show significant differences. The Trambus provides an 40 advantage in energy savings compared to conventional vehicles with a total weight approaching 75 tons. Bozankaya Trambus is a good alternative for rail systems and can work integrated with rail systems. Acting with the foresight that the future of the automotive industry will be in electric motors, it has brought such an important electrical vehicle to Turkey with domestic production. kazanWe are happy to climb. Our trambuses attract great attention from local governments, both nationally and internationally. We will soon start the export of our vehicles, which technical delegations from Greece, Brazil, Austria and Germany come to Turkey and watch on-site.”

E-Bus to Carry Rail System Sector at Fair

Making significant R & D investments in rail system and commercial vehicle design Bozankayawill use another new vehicle, E-Bus, for the first time in Turkey at the EurasiaRail Fair. BozankayaE-Bus, launched at IAA Commercial Vehicles Fair in Germany at the end of 2014, will carry the fair visitors during the Eurasia Rail Fair.

Bozankaya E-Bus is of utmost importance as it is a completely domestic investment and a tool in which Turkish and German engineers carry out R & D activities together. Bozankaya Battery system within the group Bozankaya The production of E-Bus developed by GMBH Bozankaya Inc. by. Compared with other city buses used today BozankayaE-Bus is the production of; energy consumption, environmental sensitivity and efficiency.

Aytunç Günay, said in a statement; Elektrikli We see the future of the new generation of public transport in electric systems. Therefore BozankayaWe have been working for a long time for the design and production of E-Bus. E-Bus is an environmentally friendly, quiet, economical, efficient city bus that offers many solutions together. When the vehicle is charged, the average 260-320 travels between km. Bozankaya We guarantee for 200 km. With all these features, E-Bus has attracted great interest from many countries, ”he says.

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