Metrobus paralyzed truck traffic on its way

Metrobus paralyzed truck traffic: Çobançeşme due to an earthmoving truck that entered the Metrobus road to the direction of Zincirlikuyu metrobus flights 50 minutes could not be made. Following the withdrawal of the truck, the voyages started to be made gradually. There is no loss of life in the accident and the intensity of the traffic is experienced with the effect of rain.

The accident occurred at 07.45 ranks D-100 Highway, Çobançeşme Mevkii. An earthmoving truck crossed the BRT barriers for an unknown reason and hit two lighting poles. At that time, the road did not cross the road, prevented a possible catastrophe.

Metrobus stood in the direction of Zincirlikuyu. The fire station, police and IETT teams came to the incident on notice. An attempt was made to tow trucks using a crane called to the scene. Several attempts were unsuccessful, but the truck was towed at 07.35. In the meantime, some citizens from the metrobüsü metrobüs way from Yenibosna walked to the stop. Approximately 5 minutes later, BRTs were launched gradually.

There was no casualties in the accident and heavy traffic occurred in the direction of Ankara and Edirne due to the effect of rain.

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