The Symbolic Foundation of Eğribel Tunnel, Under Construction in Giresun

The Symbolic Foundation of the Eğribel Tunnel, which is under construction in Giresun, was laid: A symbolic foundation was laid for the Eğribel tunnel, which was started to be built recently in the village of Asarcık in Şebinkarahisar District of Giresun, with the participation of the Minister of Customs and Trade Nurettin Canikli in Dereli District, the exit of the tunnel.
The foundation was laid symbolically with the participation of the Minister of Customs and Trade, Nurettin Canikli, for the Eğribel tunnel, which was started to be built a while ago in the village of Asarcık, Şebinkarahisar District of Giresun, in Dereli, which is the exit of the tunnel.
In addition to Minister Canikli, Governor of Giresun Hasan Karahan, Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Yahya Baş, AK Party Giresun Deputies Mehmet Geldi, Adem Tatlı, Ak Party Istanbul Deputy Ünal Kacır, General Director of Highways, department at the ceremony held in Tamdere village of Dereli. Supervisors and citizens attended.
Speaking here and giving information about the tunnel, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, General Manager of Highways, stated that the Eğribel crossing with an altitude of 2 thousand 200 altitudes negatively affected life in the winter, and the road was closed to transportation due to the ineffectiveness of the maintenance teams. Stating that with the commissioning of the Eğribel tunnel, transportation will be provided uninterruptedly, Turan said, “When completed, it will be the third longest tunnel in our country after the Ovit and Kırık tunnels with a length of 5 meters. With the completion of the tunnel, altitude will decrease to 909 meters at the entrance and 1860 meters at the exit. Thus, transportation will be provided throughout the year ”.
In his speech at the ceremony, the Minister of Customs and Trade Nurettin Canikli, who was burdened with the opposition, talked about a memory he lived in the region. Noting that Eğiribel did not allow passage, Canikli told that they stayed on the road near Eğribel while returning from Alucra to Giresun after the March 30 elections last year. “We were able to reach the summit by towing by vehicles. Here we entered a building lost in the snow. Graders opened the road under difficult conditions, and we were able to land in Giresun, ”he said.
Following the speech, a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony was held for the tunnel work that is still continuing in the village of Asarcık in Şebinkarahisar. Minister Canikli reminded that non-governmental organizations had previously laid the groundwork with a dig and shovel in order to criticize the tunnel construction, so the ceremony took place here. The ceremony ended with the blowing of the opposition balloons.
The Eğribel tunnel, the first phase of the project covering the entire roads between Dereli-Şebinkarahisar-Suşehri, will be completed in about 5 years as a double-tube 909 thousand 3 meters long. With the construction of the Pınarlar tunnels of approximately 5 thousand meters, which are the continuation of Eğribel tunnels, the 118-kilometer Şebinkarahisar-Giresun road will decrease to 89 kilometers. When completed it will be Turkey's longest tunnel Eğribel 3rd tunnel.

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