Izmir-Istanbul Motorway to make the leap to the fountain

Izmir-Istanbul Highway Will Make A Leap To Cesme: Ak Party Izmir 1st Region Deputy Candidate Cemil Şeboy stated that the biggest project made for Izmir to be a tourism city is the Izmir-Istanbul highway. Şeboy said, “The İzmir-İstanbul Highway will make a big leap forward in Çeşme”.
Cemil Şeboy, AK Party İzmir 1st Regional Deputy candidate, continues to visit the district within the scope of election studies. Şeboy recently visited Urla, Çeşme districts and Mordoğan Neighborhood. Welcomed with enthusiasm during his visits, Şeboy meets the citizens at every point he goes. sohbet and listened to his troubles. Meeting with Bülent Tercan, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Aegean Touristic Enterprises and Accommodations Association (ETİK) in Çeşme district, the AK Party candidate said that he will not produce projects for İzmir. Cemil Şeboy said, “The big cities of the world are either industrial cities, tourism cities or entertainment cities. They grow with this mission. But unfortunately, this does not exist in Izmir. I have always tried to bring projects to İzmir during my 15 years as mayor. God willing, I will continue to produce projects that will strengthen the economy in Izmir, expand its vision, spread tourism to 12 months, and relieve the traffic in my term as a deputy, ”he said.
The coastal band of Çeşme is very beautiful and worthy of the AK Party İzmir 1. District Deputy Candidate Cemil Şeboy continued his words as follows:
“I learned to swim around here. Thirty years ago, there were tourism initiatives that were wanted to be started from Urla, but they were blocked. Now the beautiful beaches are filled with dwellings. We look at Çeşme, there are tens of thousands of buildings, but there are 30-4 five-star hotels. How will tourism be here? Where will the tourist come? Planning is wrong so it is necessary to reconsider and examine the plans, but when doing this, an integrated planning is required with Izmir. Now we have an opportunity. Izmir-Istanbul highway will give Çeşme a big leap forward. Just as the residents of Istanbul have increased the value of Alaçatı many times, starting from Izmir, Urla beaches, Karaburun, Mordoğan and Çeşme may all be like Antalya beaches, but infrastructure works need to start now. Both Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities should make their preparations because the Izmir-Istanbul Highway will be opened in 5. But if we're caught off guard, we'll just look. "



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