Police vehicles changed color

Police vehicles have changed color: Don't be surprised if you see green-colored vehicles on highways these days. Because the color of traffic vehicles is changing. As part of the harmonization process with the European Union, the green color has been used in the vehicles of the highway police. The logo of the vehicles has also changed.
Turkey continues to change in the process of integration into the European Union. In this context, safety vehicles have also changed. The change started with the highway traffic cop.
The vehicles that will serve on the motorways are green as in the European Union countries and there are LED screens on them. In the new era, the police will be in constant communication with the driver on the highways. Alerts and messages will be transferred even when in motion.
The logo of the highway police has also changed. Instead of the existing logo, the old logo of the police headquarters was preferred.
260 vehicles entered the inventory in Turkey now. 2 of these vehicles will serve in Ankara.



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