Konak Karşıyaka Rail Laying Works on the Tram Line Started with a Ceremony

Izmir Tram Lines Map
Izmir Tram Lines Map

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started the works of laying rails on the tram, one of the most important transportation investments that will give a new impetus to urban transportation, from Mavişehir. 390 million lira Mansion and Karşıyaka Along with the trams, the amount of investment made by the Metropolitan Municipality for rail transport during the Minister Kocaoğlu reached 4 billion 534 million liras.

Prepared to breathe in urban traffic Karşıyaka- Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the works of workshop-support building constructions and vehicles of Konak tram projects, has started rail laying works in the sections of the route, where the infrastructure displacements are over. The first rail laying on Cahar Dudayev Boulevard was performed with a ceremony attended by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu.

Reminding that they opened 400 million Fair İzmir last month, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “Today we are again laying the foundation of a 400 million project. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is currently running a 80-kilometer project as a rail system investment only. 30 km bagged line, 26 km Selçuk line, 24 km Karşıyaka and a total of 80 kilometers with Konak tram. 100 kilometers is working now, it will be 180 ”.

Speaking about the tram of Buca, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “We are participating in the project tender, Karşıyaka- Konak and Buca went out together. Then the Ministry of Transport said to us, "We will do it" on the 1650-meter lines of the Buca tram, and we removed Buca from the project tender. I wish we didn't take it off because they don't. If we continued, we would lay the foundations of the tram in Buca and finish it in 3 years. We made a mistake. I apologize to Bucans. We want to get out of the project tender as soon as possible and lay the foundation of the Buca tram as soon as possible. ”

Emphasizing that the statues planned to be held in İzmir are made of political material, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu briefly said:

“Sport, belief, sub-identity, nursing relations, sectarian differences should not be used in politics. Culture and arts should be done freely and not be a tool for politics. But unfortunately a Karşıyaka and Göztepe stadium did not go further than just disturbing İzmir's occupation and occupying its agenda. We made our calculations with Faruk Bey, Minister of the Period. The place is certain, the place has been allocated. We said that the project will be made and we will do it with the ministry. It's that simple. That's right. We all decided together. We were going to build 80 acres of sports complex. Location discussions took place. Our Izmir nationals do not want to be imposed, we do not want to be imposed. We want to manage our city by discussing, agreeing, agreeing and reconciling our issues with a participatory democracy and management approach. 'Karşıyaka Mayor, Metropolitan does not allow, we can not do. 'I declare here again. Today, we are against the making of stats because there is no right choice of place; We express this openly everywhere. Our justifications are also correct in terms of urbanism. It is principal, it must defend. This is separate… But today there is no legal obstacle for the Ministry of Sports to lay the foundations for these statutes in terms of legislation. 'No, the Metropolitan will give the land of 1400 square meters, Karşıyaka Let the municipality give its land in the mansion free of charge, and the words have turned into the story of `` I do not intend to play, I can not play, my place is narrow-yenim narrow ''. We have 4 thousand 239 square meters of space in Alsancak Stadium, so far we have not said 'give us'. ”

Metropolitan Municipality, finished the words related to the stat:

You will understand the people of Izmir

“You will serve İzmir, you will understand İzmirli. You will respect the life style of İzmirli. You will not fight with İzmirli. You won't say, 'I'll serve you if you vote for me.' You will do your duty, you will do your job. If you want to vote for Izmir, but you will not if you want to Izmirliyan, you are obliged to serve Turkey's most developed cities; this is your primary duty. As İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, we continue on our way to solve all the infrastructure problems of the city and enlarge them economically ”.

Thank you from the two presidents

Speaking at the ceremony, Çiğli Mayor Hasan Aslan thanked Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu for the tram line, which will provide great relief in Izmir traffic.

Karşıyaka Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar said:

“Today we are doing an exemplary job here. We strive to live more peaceful, happier and more comfortable in our city. Happily, CHP mayors are being taken as an example today and imitated. Just like the ruling party said 'we will do' last week and put Izmir's tram projects in election declarations. We wish and we want them to continue following us. We want them to build a 8-500 thousand-person vision stadium, instead of constructing a boutique stadium for 10-25 people. ”

The cost of the tram 390 million TL

Konak Tram which has 12.7 kilometer-long 19 stops and 9.87 kilometer-long 15 stops, which were implemented to complement the subway system. Karşıyaka The total cost of the 38 vehicle that will work on these lines with the tram reaches 390 million pounds. Tram projects are planned to be put into service at the end of 2017.

Modern and comfortable trams

The tram vehicles, whose design works have been completed and started to be constructed, are built in 32 meter length and 285 passenger carrying capacity. According to feasibility studies, daily 95 thousand people in Konak line, Karşıyaka 87 thousand people in the line will be moved. The trams will be equipped with train control and monitoring unit, passenger information system, LCD screens, active route map, camera, video and audio recorder.

Izmir Metro IZBAN Tram Map
Izmir Metro IZBAN Tram Map

4 billion 534 million TL investment

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has spent 827 million TL for İZBAN in these works carried out with its own resources. When the Metropolitan investments for vehicles are added, the total investment amount of the Metropolitan in İZBAN has reached 1 billion 227 million TL.

With the construction of the 20-kilometer route in the Izmir subway, the purchase of 87 wagons, which were tendered in addition to the existing 85 wagons, included the total cost of Büyükşehir 2 billion 527 million TL.

The total investment amount of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with its own resources to the rail system projects is 85 billion 780 million TL with the total amount of 4 million TL to be spent on the projects of the ongoing Selçuk line and 534 units and to be spent on the Bornova route projects. It took place.

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