Coşkunyürek put a spot on the signage fight

Coşkunyürek put a dot in the signage fight: With the decision of the Assembly in Dörtdivan, the name of Bolu Caddesi was removed and Yüksel Coşkunyürek Street was named after Ak Parti Province President Yüksel Coşkunyürek. Coşkunyürek said that he learned his name from the social networking site on Facebook and had asked Dörtdivan Mayor Hasan Uzunoğlu to remove the plaque as soon as he learned of the street. the percentage of votes is not even 5. He shouldn't go into Dörtdivan. As
Dörtdivan'da signboard tension in the 4 days silent remaining AK Party Provincial Chairman Yuksel Coşkunyürek, yesterday in the meeting in the building broke the silence. Upon the question of Bolu Express, Coşkunyürek talked about the incident.
Coşkunyürek stated that he had intervened to know the name of the street and that the sign was removed on Friday evening. Oş We witnessed the statements of the CHP deputy on the mayor and Dörtdivan mayor from Saturday until today. This is the case: Dörtdivan members of the AK Party Assembly and MHP council members have taken a joint decision here. And they give our name to a street in Dörtdivan. Of course, I did not know of this information as the Provincial Chairman of this study. I got this information around 20.00 on Friday. My friends showed me on Facebook. After seeing it, we immediately called our mayor and thanked them for the kindness they showed us. But as per our political and party tradition, as per our tradition of existence in politics and due to our political ethics, I conveyed to them that this step will not be ethical by my party and will not be ethical by myself. I told him to remove it immediately. On Friday at night around the clock 10.00 removed this plate from there. Of course, because it is published on Facebook, the CHP deputy had to do this on the agenda. Besides, Ilyas Bey, the head of the Dörtdivan district of the Republican People's Party (CHP). If he asked him, he would have found out that the sign was not on Saturday. Because we are people who are aware that this is not politically correct, Çünkü he said.
Coşkunyürek said that CHP deputy Özcan felt the need to make an agenda by attacking as if he had found a mine and said, N I am a brother of 8 and a half years and I have been trying to serve all the districts of Bolu. This is our contribution to all investments of 8 and a half years of our work. But in return for this service, we have never asked for our name. Our only requirement is to be in the hearts of the nation. We are not the people who will take part in the hearts of the nation by writing to the streets. We want to be remembered with the values ​​we add to our work, our efforts, Bolu, our districts and our country. That's how we closed it up. But the CHP deputy, as if he had found a mine on this issue needed to make the agenda. This issue was already over for us on Friday night. After that, we do not allow such a thing to be done. This does not allow our own hearts, nor our party does not see such a thing appropriate, "he said.
CHP'nin Dörtdivan'dan received in the game is not even the 5, so that the party that can not enter the Dörtdivan CHP voicing Yuksel Coşkunyürek, a CHP deputy in the speech over the limits of the speech, used in the expression that suits him. If a plate to be placed there, Yüksel Coşkunyürek Dörtdivan'a can not enter should be written, he said. He said we didn't have a nail in Dörtdivan. When we took office at 2002, Bolu had no owners. Bolu was left orphaned. There were hundreds of issues. After becoming a deputy, we set a road map for ourselves. When we look at Dörtdivan's priorities, 3-4 had a basic need. It was next to the Ankara-Istanbul highway. The highway had been built for 20 years, but they had to use the station in Yeniçağa or Gerede to enter the Dörtdivan. They said that we would like to have an entrance and exit of the highway. Kazim Aksoy said that he personally thanked us on that day and said that I could not succeed. We made a motorway entrance exit at 20 where we wanted 2006 to be built for a year. In the asphalting of Kartalkaya road, we made great efforts in the service of Tekkedere Dam which will irrigate both Dörtdivan and Gerede plain in the stage of gaining Anatolian Teacher High School. This allowed us to take part in the hearts of the people of Dörtdivan. In connection with these chests reflected. 90 is the percentage of votes we have received from Dörtdivan. The CHP's percentage of votes is not even 5. Therefore, if anyone can not enter there CHP. With the services we have already done, we have established the hearts of the citizens there and we have seen the reflection of this in the ballot box. We have never seen these authorities as an air raiding authority for the nation. We didn't see it as a position of superiority. We saw it as the service authority of the nation and the people appreciated us, as a result of all our efforts in Bolu, the AK Party is now a political party that has reached 66 support. Wandering in the nation, our heads are upright, our foreheads are wandering, but they are struggling. Akif Hamza Pocket even his deputy Tanju Ozcan 'honest to be honest,' he said. They should look in the mirror, look at them. Onlar



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